7 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Kegel Exercises

You’ve probably heard of Kegel exercises before. You know, they’re the exercises you can do to strengthen your vagina. There are Kegel weight competitions and everything where women actually compete. Yup, that means there’s a woman with the world’s strongest vagina. Kegels are really good for you and provide a lot of benefits, but they’re kind of a foreign concept to most women. And many women don’t even do them correctly.

Well, luckily there’s a new device that can help us out: the kGoal. It’s essentially a FitBit for your vag. And it’s actually pretty freaking cool. It’s a small balloon-like device that you insert into your vagina. It connects to the kGoal app on your smartphone and allows you to track your progress while helping you along the way. kGoal also has a vibration element (totes optional) that rewards you when you reach a goal! Neat-o!

It’s awesome that something is coming out to make Kegels easier and more fun. If you’re still not sure why you should do them, read below:

Have you ever done Kegels? Would you ever try the kGoal? Tell us in the comments!

Yikes! How do you deal if your BF gives you genital herpes?

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  • Mary

    I would love to try it.
    How do I get one?
    My gynecologist has always said ‘it’s good to do Kegel exercises…they help with childbirth and strengthen the bladder as you get older.

  • Bearna`

    Yu must be kidding.

  • Courtney

    to the posts below, i thought Yu was talking about body shape diversity

  • jess

    ^^^ seriously? i dont think people write these things like, “hey! you know what this post needs? more asians!” why do people have to think everythings done with discriminatory intent 🙁

    • Dawn


  • Yu

    Not great diversity in these photos..