15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have A Guy BFF

I didn’t have a lot of girlfriends growing up because I grew up around all dudes. It wasn’t because I didn’t like girls. I have an older brother and liked tagging along with him and his friends instead of hanging out with the girls. Because of this, I have A LOT of guy best friends. I’ve hooked up with a few of them, dated one and the rest are really just my friends. That’s it.

Having a guy best friend is really important to me because, well, I’ve always had one. I’m really far away from my guy BFFs now, and it sucks. I went to visit one for Memorial Day and everyone kept asking me if we were going to hook up, which was really annoying. Believe it or not, guys and girls CAN be just friends. Anyway, I don’t know what I’d do without my guy besties. They’ve been there for me through so much, and I can’t imagine my life without them. If you have a guy BFF, you’ll definitely relate:

1. Everyone always asks if you’re dating.

Nope, we’re friends.

2. Or if you have dated.

Nope we’ve always been just friends.

3. Or if you’ve hooked up.


4. Or they ask when you’re going to start dating.


5. You get comforting hugs.

lilo and stitch hug

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Your guy BFF gives the best hugs because he’s not trying to sleep with you.

6. People ask if you hate girls.

Ummm. What?

7. It’s a must to get the seal of approval from him for your new BF and vice versa.

i approve gif

Your girlfriends’ opinions matter, but your guy BFF’s opinion comes first.

8. His girlfriends usually hate you. And your BFs usually hate him.

jealous gif


9. You have a cuddle buddy without #feels.

cuddle gif

And without a boner, which is nice.

10. He gives you good insight to the male psyche.


It’s all so simple when he explains it!

11. And you’re constantly helping him with how to text girls.

stop doing that gif

“No, don’t send her that! What is wrong with you?”

12. You don’t have to impress him.


No makeup? No problem.

13. You feel safe when he’s around.

liz jack hug

He’d do anything to protect you.

14. You can totally goof off together.

You can really be yourself.

15. He’s always there for you, no matter what.



Do you have a guy best friend? Would you rather have a guy BFF or a girl BFF? Tell me in the comments!


18 things you’ll only understand if you have a group of best friends

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  • Shruti Sethi

    You will feel nostalgic when you read this : http://khurki.net/funniest-things-guy-best-friend/

  • Annabeth Grace

    Dude, totally right. I had to change his name in my phone to a nickname we gave him and only told like 2 people because my other guy friends at my school made fun of me texting him, not to mention the girls. So now, they think I’m dating the guy i text now ( my bff’s alias), who is in South Africa on a mission trip(#bestcoverstoryofwhytheycan’tmeethim) and cheating on him with my best friend. They have no idea why I fell out of my seat laughing. Told my bestie about it. Literally on the floor laughing for 30 mins. I love having my best friend around.

  • Miuwy

    I used to have a boy best friend.
    Then I find out he has a crush on me and it really ruin things :/

  • NataMetalGrl

    Guy Friends Are Simply The Best ;’)

  • Ana Jonessy

    This is gospel (though we eventually started dating after 11 years of wonderful BFF years)!

    x http://www.helloanajonessy.com x

  • Finally_Free

    The fact that the last word of this was ‘Always’ just made me think of Snape and Lily, and they were best friends for years. Was that intentional?