15 Movies You Never Realized Actually Have A Terrible Message

If you know anything at all about Hollywood, then I would hope that you know that you shouldn’t be getting life advice from movies. Everything that happens in a movie is fake! Even when it seems realistic, it’s all carefully orchestrated words and scenes that have been re-done to perfection about 15 times. You should never assume that life is like a movie, because it never will be. Personally, I love watching movies exactly for that fantasy. I know that everything is fake, but it’s nice to imagine that it’s not.

There are some movies that obviously offer really bad messages – like every single romantic comedy out there, pretty much. And then there are movies that have better messages, like Mean Girls. But some movies have bad messages that we never even think about. Thanks to this Reddit thread, now you will. Here are 15 movies you never realized have terrible messages. 

Which movie do you think sends the worst message? Which movie do you disagree about? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Barbara Grkigio

    It’s not a case of the Prince not remembering the girl he danced with all night. He is a prince and is too important to look for her himself. Luckily for him she had the tiniest feet because he never would have found her otherwise.

  • Bill

    “I haven’t seen some of these movies but some people on Reddit said they were bad so I’m agreeing with them because Reddit is the best place to find valid information.”

  • Kelsey

    I know it’s been said, but MU and Goofy Movie shouldn’t be on here. The reasons have already been given. Also, Hunchback shouldn’t either. For one, it’s based on an old novel, and if I remember correctly, in the original Esmeralda is actually scared of him, which she isn’t in the movie. The message is NOT that he shouldn’t go for the pretty girl. The message is to not judge someone based on looks. Also, in the sequel, he DOES get a pretty girl.

  • Nicole

    I think that in Beauty and The Beast the Beast turns into a hot guy in the end as a way of showing people that when you are in love with someone they become beautiful in your eyes regardless of their appearance

  • Cyan (disneyprincess)

    Still. Some of these movies are still classics and wonderful.

  • nerdygirl

    All of these messages pulled from these movies are absurd. I know that in the Breakfast Club the jock didn’t like the punk girl only after she changed the way she looked. He liked her waaayy before that. He told her you look so different. She began to panic and he said no different is okay. And in Grease, Sandy nor Danny changed their personality. Danny changed the way he acted to make up for being rude and Sandy changed the way she dressed to show Danny I can be bad too

  • ZoZo

    I think that the real message of MU is not really that looks determine everything, but that sometimes what you thought you would be and what you end up being can be totally different things, and that that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Look, Sully expected to be the big man on campus, Mike wanted to be a top Scaring student. It didn’t work out quite that way for either of them, and they ended up quite happily as mailroom workers at Monsters Inc. And the truth is, there are jobs and positions that you won’t get for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean you can find something that fulfills and enriches your life.
    Everything else, I pretty much agree with.

  • Hi

    Jessica, I love your writing, but the amount of Reddit based articles you’ve been doing recently is getting a bit lazy 😛 I came here for Gurl, not Reddit!

  • Lissa

    A Goofy Movie and Monsters University should not be here.

    In A Goofy Movie, Max finally realizes that lying to your dad and making fun of him is not cool. Reddit user got it all wrong.

    About Monsters University, WTF? I don’t want to ruin the movie, but the message is that you can look for alternative ways to get what you want if the conventional one fails.
    Mike is portrayed as the funny friend and Sully is the attractive one, but they both end up happy.