7 Feminist Clothes And Accessories You Need In Your Wardrobe Right Now

As all of you should know by now, we’re all about women’s rights here at Gurl. But it’s easy to say that you’re all about female empowerment without actually showing it. Participate in women’s rights marches, talk about how gender affects your everyday life, listen to the experiences of transgender women, read some awesome books by awesome feminists like bell hooks and Margaret Atwood, analyze the depiction of women in your favorite TV shows and movies, etc. There are so many ways to encourage a dialogue about female empowerment. But you can even get a little more creative by incorporating your girl power into your personal style.

If you’re a feminist who is into clothes, pins, patches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more, you’re going to love these these seven places to snag some really fun and unique feminist accessories and clothes. Decorate your favorite jacket, adorn your wrists and show off your feminist pride.


1) The Pulp Girls

The Pulp Girls’ items are awesome because so many of the designs are hand drawn, particularly the girl power buttons and stickers. For you feminists who have a fun, funky sense of style, you’re going to be all about their designs.


2) The Girl Collective

It’s time to give a shout out to our bodily autonomy, ladies! The items in the Girl Collective shop–including this awesome top–definitely put that point across in a fun, stylish way. I would wear this with a pair of high waist shorts in a hot second.

The Girl Collective My Body My Business Crop


3) NastyNasty

For the bookworms and history nerds out there, Nasty Nasty has a collection of awesome pins of empowering female writers and activists like Audre Lorde and Gloria Steinem.

nasty nasty women in history buttons


4) Fabulously Feminist

This shop is full of super cute pins, patches and brooches that are full of empowerment for women and the queer community. Whether you identify as one or both of those things, you’ll find something cute with an ultra DIY flare.

fabulouslyfeminist clothes do not determine my consent feminist pin


5) Stop Telling Women To Smile

We’ve already fawned over artist and activist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh because she is beyond rad. She started a street art project in which she uses portraiture and text to bring awareness to street harassment, fetishization, sexism and more. Their project also has some awesome shirts that’ll help you feel powerful in the face of harassers.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh stop telling women to smile shirt


6) The Church Of Hot Coffee

This shop has a ton of different feminist and LGBTQ patches. The rights and safety of transwomen is definitely a feminist issue that doesn’t get enough attention or support, so if you’re trans or want to support your trans sisters, this is an awesome patch to rock.



7) Modern Girl Blitz

From pins of hairy girl legs to broaches giving the middle finger to the patriarchy, this shop is a feminist dream. Whether you want your feminist pride to have a punky look or a preppy look, you’ll find something for your personal style.


What feminist themed clothes and accessories do you rock? What are some feminist issues that are important to you that you think are ignored? Tell us in the comments!


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  • CarpathianWrath

    I was looking at this article and I must say that it’s not ok for someone to promote the feminism, first of all because they come in some political ideologies that may offend some people, in second I don’t believe in this term of ,,equality,,, a man can’t give birth and a woman can’t have a manly job, a boy and a girl should help and cooperate with each other, they should be united. The feminism is a problem if you want to have a family and the family is the only way to prosper

  • jill

    This is all extremely cringe worthy

  • Sc

    Suggesting that women buy “super awesome” crop tops is not helping the feminist cause. Maybe instead you could donate that money to a STEM education program for girls, or Emily’s list.

    • In no way does this post suggest that clothes are the only way to support feminist causes. Donating money to STEM education is great, so is donating to causes providing safe spaces for transgender women or protesting the recent Hobby Lobby decision made by the Supreme Court. This post is merely showing some ways that people can show off their feminist stripes by incorporating it into their personal style. You can rock a feminist crop top and support female coders at the same time. They don’t have to cancel each other out.