Would You Rather: Embarrassing Parent Scenarios

What's the most embarrassing thing your parents could do? | Source: Lizzie McGuire/Disney

What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents could do? | Source: Lizzie McGuire/Disney

I’m pretty sure it is in our parents’ DNA to embarrass the crap out of us. Seriously, if any of you have parents who haven’t managed to embarrass you nearly to death, please, I’d like to meet them. I’d like to meet them and wonder what the hell they think they’re doing, being perfectly cool, calm and collected when they’re with you in public.

But chances are, your parents have called you embarrassing names, talked about your personal business or yelled at you in public, which led to a huge cringe fest, right? Right. It’s the worst, but we’re gluttons for punishment so we’re going to make you all relive those moments and more in our latest edition of Would You Rather. Decide which embarrassing, awkward and straight up mortifying parental scenario you’d rather be in! Then, cross your fingers and hope none of this actually happens in real life.




What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done? Do you parents embarrass you often? Tell us in the comments!

15 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Parents Do On Facebook

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  • gurl17

    I chose streaking at my schools football game. Nobody goes to my school’s football games.

  • IOnlyWantToBeMe

    every one of those except the first lol i dont do orals so thats jest never could happen my mom talks about her clubing days in front of my friends all the time and we all laugh and have a blast i could careless what ma yelling at me in public for it doesn’t matter to me ma doing a strip tease in public… nah! more like my older brother doing not only a strip tease but a pole dance and then giving the hottest girl a lap dance.. my older brother is a Casanova ma streaking… anywhere… nope that would be my oldest brother lol…. my family is messed up y’all lol jest last night my moms friend angle told me that she has the hots for my brother and i was not surprised lol the sad part is her boyfriend was in the room and instead of getting mad at her he was laughing at her lol … i dont get embarrassed i dont care what people think…. well except for johnny i care what he thinks but other wise no no care at all … and im the good one with the way this family acts its a surprise im still a virgin and that i have never gone “out”

  • Sarah

    My Mum is really fond of playing a game in the Supermarket where she pinches my bum just to hear me scream.
    She does it in front of everyone and hen just laughs at me. She thinks it’s ‘fun’.

    • Rissa

      I’m so sorry for you

    • gurl17

      I feel so bad for you.