8 Awesome LGBTQ Sites You Need To Check Out

Haters of modern technology can scoff all they want about how much we can become glued to computer screens, but marginalized folks are able to find a lot of camaraderie and support because of them. It’s especially easier these days to find awesome online LGBTQ communities than it was a few years ago.

I asked some of my friends who are members of the LGBTQ community to give me the heads up on some great sources for LGBTQ-centric sites that they love to visit. So whether you’re into pop culture, current events, history or sexual health, definitely check out these seven awesome LGBTQ sites that’ll help you feel a little less alone in this super hetero world of ours.


1) Autostraddle

Autostraddle.com is the number one spot for loads of folks in the LGBTQ community. It’s full of news and pop culture and does an awesome job at highlighting LGBTQ artists, writers, vloggers and everyday people making waves. They’ve got a huge social media presence so make sure to follow them everywhere you can!


2) Knowhomo

If you love history and want to know more about the history of queer people, you have to check out knowhomo. It’s such an awesome source for finding out about queer political movements throughout time, learning about famous queer folks you didn’t know were queer and exploring vintage queer media. Also, isn’t this title such an awesome play on words?


3) Gaywrites

Gaywrites is a great source for LGBTQ news. There is also a video element to it in which the site’s owner, Camille, talks about current events, coming our, queer erasure and more.


4) LGBTQlaughs

We live in a world where being queer can be a death sentence, but if there’s one way for marginalized folks to find unity and strength in dark times, it’s through humor. This blog is full of jokes and lightheartedness that folks in the community can relate to.


Source: LGBTQlaughs

5) Curve Magazine

Curve Magazine is an awesome magazine for lesbians by lesbians. Their content features so many diverse women and they’re big on entertainment, hard news and advice. They even have a sections of their strictly for book recs if your reading list has been feeling a little too hetero lately. Definitely worth checking out…and then falling in love with.


6) Bidyke

Many folks in the bisexual community feel like as if they can’t fit in to the LGBTQ community. They feel like they can get acceptance from lesbians in the community and straight folks don’t understand them either, so it’s easy for them to feel like they’re, well, crapped on left and right. If you’re bi and you need some empowerment, check out bidyke, a blog ran by Sheri Eisner, the author of “Bi: Notes For A Sexual Revolution.”


Source: bidyke


7) Everyoneisgay

Everyoneisgay is run by a two awesome LGBTQ activists named Danielle and Kristen. They’re awesome, straight forward, and talk about a whole host of LGBTQ issues and concerns. Whether it’s dealing with coming out as a lesbian or figuring out how to explain pansexuality, there will absolutely be something that these ladies covered that you can relate to.


8) Scarleteen

We featured Scarleteen in our roundup of great sites to check out if your sex ed sucked. But while Scarleteen may primarily focus on sexual health, they’re also a great source for young folks in the LGBTQ community.


What other LGBTQ sites or social media accounts would you rec? Which ones have really helped you in tough times? Tell us in the comments!

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    I’m glad that this mentioned asexuality. But I do wish there was more public representation.
    Asexy and ultra proud!