10 Thoughts You’ll Have While Getting Through Summer Reading

I love, love, love reading, but I hated having required summer reading. I wanted to read the books of my choice, not books determined by my school to be important or whatever. Summer reading was the bane of everyone’s existence when I was in school because we had A LOT of books to get through. One summer we had to read The Odyssey, which is one of the longest books ever. (Although, it is really good.)

Summer reading is just one of those things that you have to do and getting through that list can be a bit of a drag. I will say that some books that I love now came off my old summer reading lists. I just didn’t appreciate them at the time. If you’re working through a summer reading list right now, you’ll definitely have these 10 thoughts:

1. Oh em gee this list is SO long!

There aren’t enough days in the summer to get through this.

2. I have YA novels I need to read!

I have, like, six new trilogies to work on!

3. Ugh… this one is going to be a total snoozefest.

Psh, they call this a “classic”?

4. Should I be taking notes?

I don’t even know.

5. I hope we don’t have to write a paper on this or anything.

There’s nothing that says I have to write a paper, but what if on the first day of school it’s all “SURPRISE! Write a 10-page report!”?

6. What if I magically lose this one in the ocean or something?


7. Is there a Sparknotes version?

I just need a quick summary. Hello Internet…

8. Maybe a movie?

If there’s a movie, I’m not reading it.

9. Maybe this one isn’t so bad after all…

Oh snap! DrAmA~~~

10. Wait, do I actually LIKE this book?

What is happening?

Do you have a summer reading list? Are you happy about the selections or not? What thoughts do you have during summer reading? Tell us in the comments!

10 thoughts you’ll have when struck with summer boredom

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  • Fangirl87

    This list is completely wrong! What about the people who love reading? We would never say anything of the sort especially ‘ Is there a movie?’ Pshh no the book is always, ALWAYS better!

    • leah

      Did you not see the slide that said I have other books to read?

  • Annabelle

    I love the use of the Psych gif. I LOVE PSYCH.
    it is so sad it ended.