30 Reasons Aubrey Plaza Would Make The Best Friend Ever

I like a lot of celebrities and can see myself being friends with many of them. However, there aren’t a lot of celebrities that I love and obsess over. Like, I’m really into Emma Stone, but I saw her in person and didn’t freak out. Celebs like Aubrey Plaza, on the other hand, make me fangirl so hard.

I freaking love Aubrey Plaza. I first noticed her in some online comedy sketches so when I saw her on Parks and Recreation, I was really excited. Aubrey plays April Ludgate on the show and is hilariously un-enthused about everything. Her sarcasm translates to real life, although she isn’t as unhappy about everything like her character.

Today is Aubrey Plaza’s 30th birthday (she looks so young!) so I wanted to celebrate one of my favorite celebs ever. I think I love her so much because she reminds me of one of my BFFs, but here are 30 reasons everyone should want to be besties with Aubrey:

1. She’s not afraid to tell someone to leave her alone.

2. She cherishes important days, which means she’ll cherish yours.

3. She knows what it’s like to be weird.

4. She knows that everyone makes mistakes.

5. She understands what it’s like to fall into an Ellen blackhole.

6. She thinks sexy Halloween costumes are kind of sexist. (But she’s cool so she wouldn’t care if you wanted to wear a sexy Halloween costume.)

7. She’s not above shameless self-promotion.

8. She’d be the best karaoke partner ever.

9. She gets awkward and uncomfortable like you do!

10. She understands the importance of doing things for you.

11. She knows how you feel when people don’t understand your sarcasm.

12. She knows it’s okay to be proud of yourself.

13. She thinks being different is awesome. (We agree!)

14. She’ll play with your hair.

15. She’s not afraid to tell you no.

16. She totally understands what it’s like to have bitchy resting face.

17. She’ll awkwardly dance with you whenever you want.

18. She gets embarrassed, just like us!

19. She likes weirdos because weirdos are the best.

20. She trips up on her words so she gets it when you can’t talk.

21. She knows how strange life is.

22. She’ll watch bad TV shows with you.

23. She’ll give you a cardboard cutout of her so you don’t miss her while she’s gone.

24. She’ll create a secret language with you.

25. She has a wonderful imagination!

26. She shares your love of food.

27. She likes to dress up and play.

28. She understands the importance of having a personal bubble.

29. She’ll goof off with you.

30. She totally gets it when you have anxiety about weird things.

Do you like Aubrey Plaza? What do you like about her? What’s your fave GIF? Tell us in the comments!

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