15 Beach Bag Essentials You Need For The Perfect Summer Day

I don’t know about you guys, but I am a dedicated beach bum. I grew up on Long Island, 15 minutes from the ocean, and I’ve been spending my summers on the beach since I was a tiny baby. I’m more comfortable in laying on a blanket in the sand in a bikini than I am anywhere else. During the summer (well, really anytime of the year), there is nowhere I would rather be than on the beach, listening to the waves and basking in the sun.

Because I’ve been doing this since before I can remember, I’ve kind of become a pro at packing the perfect beach bag. I know exactly what is needed to survive a long, hot day by the ocean (or the lake, or even a pool). So, I’m here to offer my services to you! If you play on spending at least a few days of your summer hanging in a bathing suit, then you need to bring the right items along with you. Here are 15 beach bag essentials you need for the perfect sunny day:

Do you love the beach? What do you bring when you go? Which of these products are you going to buy? Tell me in the comments!


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