How Do You Tell Your Hookup That You’re On Your Period?

Being on your period is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. (Well, unless something embarrassing happens.) But in all seriousness, periods are totally normal and natural. You shouldn’t feel ashamed!

However, it’s not like you want everyone to know you’re on your period. You especially don’t want to talk about getting your period with your crush or hookup partner, right? This week on the message boards, you’re discussing how to tell your hookup that you’re on your period:

Let’s see what y’all had to say:

hannahxx asked:
“How do I let him know I have my period without being awkward/grossing him out? I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I get nervous in front of him because of how attracted I am to him.”

amandataylor said:
“I think you can just be honest and tell him that’s the case. Boys won’t be grossed out by it, they understand. It’s probably worse if you don’t tell him the truth because then he’ll think your avoiding it on purpose.”

hotjamale said:
“‘Sorry, I have my period.'”

SadieKell said:
“Let him know… Or just say hey… Rub me on the outside of my panties.”

NocturnalMistress said:
“If he’s mature, he’ll understand. A period is a natural thing for women to have.”

DreamsOfYou said:
“Simply tell him that it’s your time of the month. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and it’s certainly no secret to boys that girls go through this!”

I totally get why you don’t want to just blurt out mid-hookup that you’re on your period. Unfortunately, there’s still this stigma that you should be embarrassed when you have your period. I get it. I mean, having blood come out of your vag isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world and not something you really want to share.

But it is NOTHING to be embarrassed about! And guess what? You can still hook up when you’re on your period! Granted, not everyone wants to do that, and it’s totally a personal preference. I’m just saying, you shouldn’t let your period stop you from having fun if you’re comfortable.

The best way to tell a hookup that you’re on your period is just to tell them. In my personal experience, you care a lot more about it than they do. And if they do think it’s a big deal or they get grossed out, they’re probably not worth your time.

What do you think? How do you tell your hookup or partner that you’re on your period? Tell us in the comments!

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