15 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You’re A Cancer Sign

Congrats, Cancer ladies, we’re now in your sign! June 21 marks the beginning of summer and the start of Cancer’s zodiac takeover. The Crab represents Cancer’s desire for a home retreat wherever they are, and the ruling water element ebbs and flows with Cancer’s emotions.

Cancer folks are born from June 21 to July 22 and are ruled by the moon, so they’re easily affected by lunar cycles. They’re fun, strong and take pleasure in making sure others are happy. If you’re a Cancer, you’ll definitely relate to the following:

1. You really trust your gut.

Cancer signs have great intuition.

2. You’re fiercely loyal.

3. You’re always daydreaming.

Cancers have big imaginations.

4. You fall hard.

You just have so much love to give!

7. You actually have a lot of #feels in general.

You can’t help it! Being a water sign means you have an ocean full of emotions.

6. You can be a bit… crabby.

It comes with all those feelings. Your friends know to leave you be when you’re in a bad mood.

7. You get easily overwhelmed.

You consider yourself a realist, though.

9. You remember everything.

It’s a blessing and a curse because you can recall details when your friends can’t.

10. You really like your alone time.

You love having loved ones, but you need time for yourself as well.

11. You’re extremely protective, especially of those you love.

No one crosses your friends.

12. People often turn to you for help.

You’re sensitive so you’re very understanding.

13. You can be a bit skeptical.

Because of your great intuition, you can be skeptical right away if you have a bad feeling about someone.

14. You also get attached easily.

Friends, family, boos. You care A LOT, which isn’t a bad thing! Just be careful to protect your feelings.

15. You’re incredibly nurturing.

You love to take care of everyone and everything.

Are you a Cancer? Do you relate to any of the above? Tell us in the comments!

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  • sonia

    All of these things are so true!

  • Danielle..

    Oh my gosh..this is all about me…

  • tia

    Oh, my, god! This is literally me to a T

  • lovegirl63

    ya i love writing especialy about love im so passionate and all these things are very accurate

  • Minnymia143


  • Gabby

    OMG that’s so true

  • Sabine

    This is so true !!

  • I love being a cancer! Since we have really big imaginations, it makes it so much easier for me to pursue in my writing career.

    • Taylor

      Same Here!!! I write in my free time aswell. It makes it much easier and more fun to do. 🙂