Why Are You Bleeding Down There During Masturbation?

Dear Heather,

OMG I need some help! Ever since this happened, I haven’t stopped freaking out. I was masturbating one day, and when I pulled my finger out, it was covered in blood. Then I pulled another one out, and it was also covered in blood! My fingernails are long, so could that have been it? Did I cut something down there? Could I get an infection? Or did I break my hymen or something? Please help!

Okay, stop freaking out! Seriously. Panicking isn’t going to change anything – in fact, it will probably just make things worse. Let’s figure out what’s going on before you continue to worry.

There are a few different reasons you might be bleeding down there due to masturbation. If you really do have long fingernails that aren’t smooth around the edges, it’s completely possible that your nail cut you and you started bleeding. It’s a sensitive area, and a long, sharp fingernail could have definitely irritated something. Although it’s not super common to break your hymen during masturbation, it’s not impossible, so that could also be it, especially if you were being a little rough.

Can a cut down there cause an infection? The short answer is yes – a cut anywhere on your body can ultimately lead to infection if it’s not taken care of. But since you can’t exactly slap a band-aid on a cut inside of you, you have to rely on your vagina to self-clean, which it will do. Sit down in front of a mirror and check out the situation as much you can. If you see a large cut that looks very irritated, make an appointment with a gynecologist. If you don’t see anything, it’s probably small enough to heal itself, and won’t be something you need to worry about. Again, if you feel discomfort down there, see a doctor.

If this was just a one-time bleeding incident, and you haven’t experienced anything else since then, you probably have nothing to stress over. That means you either made a small cut that fixed itself, or your hymen broke. It happens! But if you feel a lot of discomfort, have been bleeding more than just that one time, or notice any other kind of abnormal discharge, see a gynecologist.

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  • Nancy

    Or maybe she got her period and just had no idea about periods?

  • mia

    If you experienced no pain in your vagina, it might just be your period.