20 Style Tips On How To Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been a huge trend for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. For good reason, too: the right statement necklace can bring any outfit to the next level. A really glam one can transform a plain outfit into something special, and a particularly large one might be the only accessory you need with a certain dress.

My personal favorite way to wear statement necklaces is to pair them with something that is otherwise boring, like a plain dress or a t-shirt and jeans. They’re such an easy way to dress up something simple, and can be worn in so many different ways. But because they make such a, well, statement, these pieces of jewelry can sometimes feel a little intimidating. And that’s why these style tips are here – to give you new ideas you never thought of, or inspiration to come up with your own awesome outfit. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear statement necklaces: 


1. Dress up a chambray shirt by pairing with a sparkly necklace (and red lipstick). 


2. Don’t be afraid to pair a bold necklace with a bold pattern. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple is key. 


3. Use these tips to make whatever you’re wearing instantly more interesting.


4. Make a variation of this your go-to outfit for fall/winter – plain tee, cardigan, jeans, boots, statement necklace. Perfect and easy! 


5. A casual graphic tee becomes more dressy as soon as you pair it with a glam, sparkly statement necklace. 


6. A neon necklace with a gray top is an awesome unexpected twist. 


7. The easiest way to make boyfriend jeans look fancy? Add a bold necklace and heels. 


8. Try matching the color of your necklace to one of the colors in your outfit. 


9. Break up an all-black ensemble by adding a large statement necklace.


10. I love the idea of mixing two different necklaces for a seriously huge statement. 


11. Make a white dress more fun with a long, large necklace. 


12. Use this chart to learn which kind of necklace goes best with what kind of neckline. 


13. Wear a bib necklace over a high t-shirt so that it almost looks like part of your top. 


14. Overalls are coming back! Update them with a large, colorful statement necklace. 


15. One of my favorite mixes is a striped shirt with a large necklace. It looks so classic! 


16. It’s summertime – the perfect time to mix bright colors to make one gorgeous outfit! 


17. A statement necklace over a buttoned-up collared shirt looks fresh and trendy. Here’s how to do it: 


18. Maxi dresses are so easy to wear. The only thing you need to accessorize with is a great necklace! 


19. Learn how to mix different styles together for a very chic look. 


20. Wear a super long necklace with a button-down shirt for a fresh vibe. 


Which of these outfit ideas is your favorite? Do you love statement necklaces? What kind of style tips do you want to see next? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Chérie Des Bijoux

    Thanks for sharing so many good ideas ! I love the pictures.
    Best, Chérie

  • Rowena Manalili

    love all the ideas.really excited to try them! thank you very much for sharing!

  • Jessica Chauhan

    Yes, absolutely true, you should wear go bold necklaces with simple outfit only.

  • Shay Morgan-Discepolo

    I just wrote about this very thing today. Would LOVE your feedback.


  • I enjoyed reading about the different types of statement necklace. Outfit “11. Make a white dress more fun with a long, large necklace” is my fav! Good stuff…

    Statement Necklaces by CandyLuxx

  • 🙂 this was awesome. its a generic information about statement necklaces another thing is that what should be wear a party time and other http://www.blingstation.com/blog/reasons-to-wear-jewelry/

  • Hepi S

    Sparkly necklaces go with simple bangles! =)

  • A lot of great ideas here. But in all cases, ditch the ripped jeans! Ripped jeans are trashy. It’s mind-boggling to me that so many women think this is attractive. It’s sloppy.

    Look at that last picture, with the gorgeous, brilliantly colored coral blous and beautiful necklace. The whole thing is wrecked by those vile shredded jeans.

    • Shane

      I definitely agree with you on this one Lisa… They distracted me from the rest of the outfit.

      Anyway, I think a professional jeweler would have no problem helping you find the right necklace. Even if you have holes in your jeans. 🙂

  • LJ

    This was awesome. I love buying statement necklaces but I definitely do not utilize them as much as I would like to. I’m finding that I tend to grab the same pieces that go with so many of my different looks.

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