10 Comments About Being LGBTQ

LGBTQ Pride Month might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to celebrate and learn about awesome LGBTQ people in our lives and in pop culture. However, identifying under the queer umbrella is a serious struggle for tons of people. Sure, many states and nations are starting to recognize same-sex marriages, but a disproportionate number of homeless youths identify as LGBTQ. Amazing transgender women, like actress Laverne Cox from Orange Is The New Black, are getting the recognition they deserve, but she still feels that it’s her duty to use Twitter to inform her followers about violence against the transgender community. Queer representation in the media is increasing, but there’s still an embarrassingly low number of awesome LGBTQ characters in movies, TV shows and novels. 

Frankly, there are definitely things to celebrate, but this can’t stop at weddings. Besides, there are a lot of issues that young LGBTQ people go through that aren’t exactly making headlines, like lesbians having crushes on straight girls or young women wondering how they should define their sexuality. Some of our awesome readers are definitely struggling with their identity, but others are embracing it with open arms. Check out these 10 comments and see if you can relate.


Are you part of the LGBTQ community? What do you think is the most pressing LGBTQ issue right now? What about for you, personally, in your life? Tell us in the comments!



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  • Taurean

    7: I couldn’t agree more. I just commented on another transgender article on here the same thing. People like me are out there, we’re just a little bit fewer.