10 Harry Potter Pickup Lines That Are Basically Love Potions

You won’t believe the amount of pickup lines I hear on a regular basis. Seriously, it’s like people actually think they’re going to work. I heard one the other day that I actually thought was so funny, I used it on someone! “Do you like water?” “Then you like 75% of me!” It’s a pretty solid conversation starter, yeah? That line did well for me.

I was thinking about how many bad pickup lines I’ve heard over the years and realized that unless someone drops a Harry Potter reference, a line won’t work. Luckily, there are about a million Harry Potter pickup lines floating around. And they are GOOD. I picked some of my favorites to share with you:

So sweet!

Warner Brothers/Gurl

Perfect for letting your crush know how hot they are!

Warner Brothers/Gurl

Ooh, bold yet playful.

Warner Brothers/Gurl


Warner Brothers/Gurl

Subtly and punny.

Warner Brothers/Gurl

You know, in case your crush was doubting your ~*sKiLlS*~.

Warner Brothers/Gurl

Dawww this is precious!

Warner Brothers/Gurl

This would legit work on me.

Warner Brothers/Gurl


Warner Brothers/Gurl

Compliment? Check. HP reference? Check.

Warner Brothers/Gurl

What’s your favorite HP line? Are you going to use any of these? Has anyone used these on you? Tell us in the comments!

And here are some handy rejection quotes for you

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  • Megan

    I liked the Moaning Myrtle one the best 😀

    • Lol

      Yea XD

  • Michael

    Haha, funny 😀

  • True anon

    Yes, this is the most happeningest thing that has ever happened. She definitely gets inundated by suitors with cheesy/BAD pickup lines every day because that ACTUALLY/LITERALLY happened(AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN). Lastly, the only way to ACTUALLY win over a girl is to reference something MOST of the population WILL NOT get. In order to get love from a girl, you must like something she does, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU ARE AN ACTUAL NAZI AS LONG AS YOU REFERENCE HARRY POTTER YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!! THIS IS TRULY EFFECTIVE AND THIS ARTICLE IS SO TRUTHFUL THANK YOU!

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      OMG this is literally the best sarcasm I’ve ever read!

  • Lucia

    I heart this!!! Harry Potter for Life!!!!!