10 Things We Want In A Perfect World

This morning I read about something called The Feminist Utopia, which is a project where people can list the things they want in the ideal feminist society. For the record, this doesn’t mean a world where feminists run rampant. It means a world where everyone, no matter what gender, is equal in every sense. It’s basically a world where feminism at its roots is actually applied.

The Feminist Utopia is aiming to really figure out what would make life better in terms of actually having a, well, feminist utopia. They’re putting together “radically imaginative essays, short fiction, poetry, and artwork that answer the question of what a feminist world would look like.” They’re accepting submissions from stories to illustrations to poems to whatever else you have in your imagination. You can submit until July 15 for the chance to be published online and in an original publication.

This project is amazing, and it got us thinking about some things we’d want in our perfect world:

What would you want in your feminist utopia? Tell us in the comments!

The way you dress does NOT make you a slut

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  • DoctorJones2000

    This reminds me of the simple things that feminists really want! We’re not asking for world domination; we just want equality for everyone :)

  • Char H

    I don’t understand how a rape victim who doesn’t want to carry her rapists child is a slut who screws….. it seems to me that those women need to have a choice, especially since they didn’t exactly have a voice in getting pregnant in the first place, don’t you think?

  • Papillon

    Abortion rights? I wish for the world where women don’t screw around than have an abortion as a plan b. Where women don’t screw when they are drunk or high, than have abortions. Where fetisis that mentally ill are not aborted. Where unborn baby girls are not aborted because of their gender. Where rape is not a reason to abort. Where people don’t just brush off abortion like it was nothing. Where women/girls pay for their concenquances when they have unprotected sex. Women/girls need safe abortions. However, they also need to be responsible and not have unwanted kids in the first place. That is the kind wolrd you should want. The world where abortions are needed in the first place.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      That might be one of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever read.

    • Dara B

      I just can’t with this. So because someone is drunk/high and has sex, ultimately becomes impregnated, and doesn’t want to keep th child, they’re essentially sluts who “screw”? Because that seems to be the message youre send from one of the statements you just made.

    • Erin Rose

      If you got raped, would you want to carry the rapists baby? Where whenever you look at them, you’re reminded of that terrible time? I didn’t think so