10 Myths About Lesbians That Are Totally Not True

As you probably have already heard, June is officially LGBTQ Month. We’ve been celebrating here at Gurl by attempting to debunk some of the unfair stereotypical myths that are out there about different kinds of sexuality. Not only are these myths incorrect, they are also mean – and I’m sure something that everyone is sick of hearing.

For example, there are a lot of myths about being a lesbian that simply aren’t true. For some reason, most people have this preconceived image in their head of what a lesbian should look and act like – and they’re almost always wrong. That’s why it’s great to see shows like Orange Is The New Black give us a more realistic point of view. Forget everything you think you know about sexuality. Here are 10 myths about lesbians that aren’t true.

Which of these myths have you heard? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments!


10 myths about being transgender that aren’t true

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  • smiavs

    Oh, I think you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find an adult, self-respecting lesbian who doesn’t identify as a feminist, and frankly, it’s upsetting that a piece on a site targeting a young female audience makes that out to be a bad thing. Feminism is believing in equality. Like being able to post asinine pieces like this one without asking a guy’s permission? Congratulations, you’re a feminist! Either you’re a feminist or you don’t value yourself as a woman. Period.

  • YukiOnna

    Well, the ‘easier to date girls thing is kinda wrong, it’s right in the sense that a girl will know another girl’s BODY more easily in terms of sex, but everyone still has preferences and it’s still a learning experience. Still, it’s nice when a girl (who has hopefully masturbated in the past) kinda instinctively knows what the clitoris is and how to use it 😉

  • Vegan ?! I would argue that, on the contrary, I do LOVE to have some meat slices in my mouth ^_^

  • Britt

    honestly I think the radical feminist one and the vegan one is stemmed from tumblr because basically if you go there, just about every lesbian you meet up there will say “all men need to die” and things like that, and it’s really not fair. And yeah, the veganism one is just weird, but yeah I think it’s rooted from tumblr lesbians.

    • Kelsey

      Woah, that’s totally unfair. I’m a lesbian on tumblr and I’m definitely not like that. Yes, tumblr has extremists, they are what we call the Social Justice Warriors, but they are not all lesbians, and definitely not all lesbians on Tumblr are SJWs. The radical feminist stereotype about lesbians has been around LONG before Tumblr was ever a thing.

  • Katie P

    I dated a girl for over a year, and people around me began to label me as a lesbian (I’m not a lesbian, not even bi, just loved a girl). The weirdest assumption that a few people made was that I constantly carried tools around with me in my purse. I remember a friend asking if he could borrow my screw driver once while we are at his house because he couldn’t find his tool set. This wasn’t the first or only time that this happened but I remember it the best because I handed him a tampon and said “Go to town.”