13 Of The Weirdest Themed Condoms Ever

If you’re anything like me, you’re loving the World Cup right now. And by loving, I mean yelling at the TV, hating the refs, and swooning at some of the players. Yeah, that’s how you do World Cup right. Along with all of the news of who won, who lost, and who got injured, there’s some other World Cup news of the sexier variety. A company in Brazil is distributing World Cup themed condoms. Yes, World Cup themed condoms.

The good news is that they’re being sold in partnership with a safe-sex nonprofit called DKT International, and the hope is that they will encourage the folks attending the World Cup to stay safe in the sack after a raucous day of sporty activity. So that’s cool, right? It almost makes up for the condom looking ridiculous. You’ll see what I mean when you check it out along with some others in this roundup of weird themed condoms. And by weird we mean weird.

Bacon Condoms

These condoms not only look like bacon but they're also lubricated with bacon lube. I didn't even know that that existed and I'm not sure what I think about that either.


Condometric Condoms

I never got the hang of the metric system, but I'm not this desperate to understand it on an intimate level.

Source: Thewondrous.com

'Get Lucky' Condoms

I mean, it was bound to happen.


Gow In The Dark Condoms

Is it sexy times or a rave? Blast Sandstorm and you literally won't be able to tell the difference.

Source: Odee.com

Pope Benedict XVI Condoms

Perfect for Catholic guilt at a moment of weakness? I guess this is a good way to either abstain from sex or defy your religion.

Source: Gawker

KISS Condoms

Probably one of the most disturbing of the lot because of that awful tongue. If you're ever hooking up with a KISS fan, make sure they don't have this on their person.

Source: HuffingtonPost

Novelty Animal Shaped Condoms

These are sold for novelty purposes only, but you know that someone totally rolled up to their BF/GF's place with a dinosaur hanging off of their privates.

Source: WillyWardrobe.com

President Obama Condoms

Nothing goes better with sex than a political debate. Hey, at least these Obama condoms are sexier than, I don't know, the economy?

Source: SayItWithACondom.com

Prince William And Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Condoms

As someone who was in London during the Royal Wedding, the existence of these condoms doesn't surprise me. Folks were selling literally anything and everything with Prince William and Kate Middleton's face on it. Still, who wants to think about these two when they're getting busy? Unless Will's receding hairline is a turn on, that is...


Whisky Condoms

I...I just don't know.

Source: Thewondrous.com

Tuxedo Condoms

Who said that dicks can't look dapper?

Source: Thewondrous.com

2014 Would Cup Condoms

Okay, I get that this is a great way to inspire everyone to see the importance of safe sex, but can we talk about how this would make someone's penis look like a ripening banana?

Source: Jezebel/Twitter

My Face Condoms

Imagine that you're about to get down and dirty with someone and they whip out a condom with their face printed on the package. Just imagine. What would you do in that situation? Laugh? Cry? Run away? All of the above? Yeah, all of the above sounds good.

Source: MyFaceCondoms


Okay, which of these is the weirdest? Which would you actually have fun using? Tell us in the comments!\


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  • Splushh

    If anyone offered me sex with a tuxedo condom, my pants would instantly drop…

  • sophie

    the glow in the dark condoms sounds like a cheap reenactment of star wars to me

  • KernalK

    Okay . . . . if I ever see any of these condoms in real life they better not be unwrapped for their intended use. Were the metric condoms only made for guys feeling insecure about their length????

  • Nikki

    Kiss condoms are cool and always have been