18 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have A Group Of Best Friends

When it comes to friendship, you’re either one of those people who only has one or two best friends, or you’re one of those people who has a whole group of besties. I am part of the latter. I have seven best friends who I love, even when they drive me crazy (it’s okay, because I drive them crazy too sometimes). We’ve been close since high school, and I’d like to say that we’ll always be a close group no matter what.

My BFFs and I have been through a lot together. We’ve helped each other through a bunch of breakups, celebrated each other when something good happens, spent time arguing over really dumb things… we’ve even gone months where we’ve barely felt like a group (hi, college). Well have our own lives and outside friends, but we’ve always managed to make time for each other, even when it’s hard. No matter what I go through, it’s nice to know that I have a support group to rely on.

If you also have a group of besties (and I don’t just mean a bunch of random best friends, like Taylor Swift, I mean like four or more girls/guys who are all close together), you’ll definitely appreciate this post. Here are 18 things you’ll only understand if you have a group of best friends:


1. It’s not that often that you all get to hang out together because you’re all busy, but when you do, it’s seriously full of love.

seinfeld gif

SO MUCH LOVE. And so much talk about how, “OMG, why don’t we do this more often? We have to do this again, ASAP.”


2. And when you do manage to all get together, it’s only after weeks of complicated planning and re-scheduling.

excited gif

Why are schedules so hard?


3. You all go through periods where you’re closer to one girl than the rest. 

best friend rachel bilson gif

She’s your best, best friend of the moment.


4. Even when you get mad at one of them, things get resolved pretty quickly because you’re guaranteed to see that person.

now and then gif

Also, a fight between two people inevitably means everyone is getting involved somehow.


5. When you have an important story to tell, you have to re-tell it about five million different times.

serena blair gif

Because if you don’t tell everyone, those you didn’t tell will be insulted.


6. It takes a ridiculously long time to take a group photo because you’re almost never all happy about how you look. 

friend selfie gif

Wait, one more! Just one more, swear!


7. You’re part of a group text that, depending on the day, either annoys the crap out of you OR is the most entertaining thing ever.

selena texting gif

You can’t just leave it, though. You’ll miss out on so much!


8. You guys have tried coming up with a name for your group, like the Fab Five or something equally lame silly. 

the plastics gif

Whatever, you’re cute.


9. You already know that even if you tell one of them a secret, everyone else is going to hear it.

best friends

So really, there is no point in secrets.


10. There are definitely times when you all gang up on one person, but you all know it’s really just out of love.

what gif

They know you don’t really mean it.


11. When they hang out in a group, and you can’t be there, you feel serious FOMO.

the little mermaid gif

There’s a lot of FOMO going around all the time, actually.


12. You’ve all had a moment where you talk about how you would make a great reality show.

real housewives gif

My friends and I are totally going to be the Real Housewives of Long Island one day, FYI.


13. Everyone else expects you to all be together all the time.


But it’s just NOT POSSIBLE.


14. You have other close friends outside of your group, and sometimes they hang with you guys, but it’s just not the same bond. 

pretty little liars gif

You love them though!


15. And your group sometimes gets jealous of those other friends spending time with you, just like you sometimes get jealous of their other friends.

surprised gif



16. You’ve all compared yourselves to famous fictional friend groups, and have decided who you each would be.

friends hug gif

Like, who is the Samantha? Or who’s the Monica?


17. A bunch of best friends means you have to spend a lot more money on birthdays and stuff…

eating dinner gif



18. …But it also means that when something crappy happens, you have an entire support group who’s there for you.

girls gif

And that’s just really amazing. <3


Do you have a group of best friends? Which thing can you relate to the most? What did I forget about? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Ry Foster


  • Liana

    Hahaha FACTS!!!!!

  • Heather

    We have various names for ourselves, but our public one is HACK. lol same as the other person’s. But ours is Heather, Alexis, Cait(lan) and Kim(berly.

  • Heather

    We have various names for ourselves, but our public one is HACK. lol same as the other person’s. But ours is Heather, Alexis, Kim(berly) and Cait(lan).

  • Ally

    My three have named us HAKK. Hallee, Ally, Katarina, Kayla. Catch Phrase HAKKing into computers bear you!