Quiz: Are You A Goody Two-Shoes?


Are you a total Sandra Dee? Take our quiz and find out! | Photo Source: Grease/Paramount

“Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee, lousy with virginity!” If any of you have watched Grease (uh, who hasn’t?) you probably already know this song by heart. But do you identify more with innocent ole’ Sandy or are you more of a bad girl like Rizzo?

Personally, I was always afraid of getting into trouble, so I was a “good” kid. But hey, I’ve still gone through a rebellious streak or two (or four…maybe seven), so I can’t really define myself as a goody two-shoes. It just doesn’t feel right. But enough about me… what about you? Are you a perfect little angel or are you more of a wild child? Take our personality quiz and find out!



Do you define yourself as a goody two-shoes? If so, is it just a front to the bad girl lurking deep down? Tell us in the comments!

Quiz: Are You A Rebel?

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    Am I gay