14 Actresses Who Look Exactly Like Disney Characters

Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, and she just so happens to be my Disney doppelganger. I wish I lived in a castle and had a gigantic library with singing inanimate objects, but I’ll settle for resembling my fave Disney gal. There apparently is a teen who looks like Elsa from Frozen. (I don’t really see it since Elsa is pretty much every pale blonde girl, but I digress.) There are a surprising amount of people who look like Disney characters.

There are also a surprising amount of celebs who have Disney doppelgangers. If you’ve ever wondered why Alyssa Milano looks sort of like Ariel, it’s because they modeled the Princess after her. Weird, right? If that surprised you, check out these actresses who look exactly like Disney characters:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan/Esmeralda

Aishwarya is one of the most famous Bollywood actresses ever in history. And she happens to look just like Esmeralda.

Photo Source: Apega/WENN

January Jones/Cinderella

Excuse me, January, are you missing a glass slipper?

Photo Source: WENN/Disney

Freida Pinto/Jasmine

I know Kim Kardashian dressed up like Jasmine for Halloween once, but I think Freida makes a WAY better Princess. Right? Right.

Photo Source: WENN

Isla Fisher/Ariel

I'm pretty convinced that Isla Fisher IS Ariel.

Photo Source: Apega/WENN

Lily Cole/Merida

Stop. Did they model Merida off Lily Cole? I think so.

Photo Soruce: WENN

Amanda Seyfried/Rapunzel

Amanda Seyfried should have just done the voice for Rapunzel in Tangled.

Photo Source: Dan Jackman/WENN

Blake Lively/Aurora

Granted, Blake Lively is a bit more cheerful and seems nicer than Aurora, but the resemblance is still uncanny.


Jamie Chung/Mulan

This one is so easy because Jamie Chung plays Mulan in Once Upon A Time!

Photo Source: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Keke Palmer/Tiana

Whoa. No really, this is getting scary. Keke Palmer for a live action The Princess and the Frog anyone?

Photo Source: FayesVision/WENN

Kristen Stewart/Megara

Only Kristen Stewart can pull off Meg's incredibly sassy looks.

Photo Source: FayesVision/WENN

Leighton Meester/Belle

I know people are gunning for Emma Watson to take on the role of Belle in a live action Beauty and the Beast, but Leighton looks like Belle's twin. Seriously.

Photo Source: Andres Otero/WENN

Lily Collins/Snow White

Too good.

Photo Source: Apega/WENN

Kristen Bell/Tinkerbell

Kristen Bell is tiny, her last name is Bell and she's just as adorable as Tink.

Photo Source: C.Smith/ WENN

Janina Gavankar/Pocahontas

This babe from True Blood is literally a walking Pocahontas.

Photo Source: WENN

Do you think these celebs look like Disney characters? What other Disney doppelgangers are there? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sassavasti

    ahm…. this is NOT ok… I didn’t like ANY of them

  • Victoria

    This is spot on!

  • Rebecca

    Pocahontas should of definitely been Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Lairs

    • isabella


  • Beth

    Dianna Agron or Heather Morris and Elsa

  • Nancy

    Love these! But Ariel was actually based on Alyssa Milano, and Pochahontas was based on the voice actress who played her, Irene Bedard! Coincedentally, she played Pochahontas’ mother in the live action movie “The New World.”

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      Yup, I mentioned that Ariel was based on Alyssa Milano in the intro!

  • Anjelys

    i like all of them except for the look alike for ariel

  • Nia

    BOOP! Anika Noni Rose looks wayyyy more like Tiana than KeKe Palmer.

    • DaynaMarie

      Considering Anika Noni Rose IS Tiana, I think it would have been cheating to put her as the lookalike.

      • Caitlin Corsetti

        That’s why I didn’t pick her!