Will He Lose Interest In You If You’re A Virgin?

Losing your virginity is a very personal choice. You should only lose it if you feel ready and comfortable, but a lot of people feel pressured to and are concerned about the so-called “side effects” of being a virgin.

Will a guy lose interest in you if you’re a virgin and he’s not? Or will he lose interest in you if you’re not a virgin? That’s what you’re discussing on the message boards.

Let’s see what y’all had to say:

Tinkerbell22 asked:
“I’ve been talking to this guy since the past few weeks. We’d gotten really close and started liking each other and decided we’d be more than just friends. After some time, I asked him if he’s lost his V-card. I’ve always been a virgin, even though I’ve dated five guys. And being a slightly jealous person, I felt really bad when he said he isn’t. He seems like a really great guy, but do you think I should just let go of his past and be with him? I’m afraid he’d lose interest in me now that I know he’s already got so intimate with someone else.”

Clareprincess said:
“One of two things will happen: yes, he may lose interest or more likely he will pressure you to lose yours with him. If you are strong and refuse his advances, then that is the point he will probably begin to lose interest.

But I could be wrong, he may turn out to be a great guy. I’m just basing this on my experiences. Once a guy has lost his virginity, he is looking to engage in sex with any girl he is with. My suggestion would be to hook up with another guy that has your values…then when you both lose your virginity together, that will be a special time for BOTH.”

Clareprincess said:
“I don’t think it really matters whether or not you’ve done it with someone before, but it does matter how it’ll affect your relationship currently. How do you feel about having sex? If you’re adamant about waiting, then the above advice is probably going to be true. I was my bf’s first time (with a girl anyway). I kept telling him he shouldn’t and that I didn’t want him to regret me being his first time when I had so many issues of my own, but he stuck it out with me. I wouldn’t get bored with him, ever, not only because he is amazing at it (haha), but because I know he has so much invested in me too. He was willing to prove everything that he loved me and didn’t care the rumors people had said about me or about my past. At the same time, he made me fall for him too. So yeah, even girls might pressure a guy.”

Clareprincess said:
“how long is a piece of string? Will the world end tomorrow? Your question fits very well with those questions. You cannot predict anything. Yes, things may not work out, BUT there is always the potential of you having a great relationship.

I am not suggesting you go out and have sex, but let me ask you something, if you wait and find a guy, get married, and then have sex, do you actually think that relationship will last forever?? Look, the decision is up to you. It depends how you view sex. Just because someone has ‘values’ doesn’t mean the relationship will last forever.

The question you are asking is IF you have sex and give your virginity to a guy, will you have his loyalty and fidelity forever? I am not so sure. I don’t think anyone can. Waiting is great but not waiting is not bad either. How will you deal with losing your virginity is the big question?”

When it comes to losing your virginity, the most important thing is that you feel ready and comfortable in your decision. If you think that someone is going to lose interest in you because you’re a virgin, it’s probably a gut feeling you have toward that person. That instinct is probably telling you this person isn’t right for you.

I lost my virginity to my high school boyfriend who had been with other girls before. He didn’t pressure me and didn’t lose interest with me before we had sex or after. However, there are people who do lose interest, and that has nothing to do with you. If someone loses interest in you because you won’t have sex with them, that’s their problem and they are clearly only looking for one thing. And if someone loses interest in you after having sex, then they’re also sucky because they used you.

Having sex is a big decision, whether you’re a virgin or not. It’s a big decision with every partner you have. You always need to be comfortable when you decide to have sex. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin, and there’s nothing wrong with not being one either so don’t let anyone make you feel badly about your sex life either way.

What do you think? Do you feel like someone will lose interest in you because you’re a virgin? Tell us in the comments!

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  • carissa

    A guy trying to get you to have sex isnt forcing.
    Looking back at my own first experience, I agree my guy pushed me to do it. Do I think I was forced? Not at all. I think if he didnt push me I may never have experienced it with him and I liked him helluva lot. It was the best experience ever. He had his place and it felt so good. We took our time and though I was nervous, I enjoyed it so much. I had just gone into grade 9 and I was so excited about it and told just a couple of my close friends. They asked me the same things like if he forced me and if I was okay losing my virginity. I explained to them that it wasnt like he was horrible and forced me to do it but that he kept pushing me to do it and in the end got me to do it.
    I dont think a girl can ever be ready or comfortable. If a guy doesnt make the move, it is hard for the girl to ask for it. I dont think it has anything to do with respect either or your own self worth. Sex is fun and you do it because it feels good. You will have lots of special guys in your life and to wait for that particular one who may never come your way is something which I dont believe in. Just because a guy waits for you to decide when you want to have sex does not make the guy a better person or more respectful. All he is doing is playing the game. I would rather have a guy who is upfront and honest about what he wants. I like the guy to take the lead and show me the way.

  • Janicebless

    since i started having sex i dnt feel any pressure dnt kwn y

  • Ruby Bella

    Girl, do not stay with anyone who is forcing you to have sex. This can lead to you getting pregnant. If you are not ready, tell him, and break up with him if necessary. He’s a guy not worth wanting, if he’s pressuring you, he may believe, like most people do these days, sex is everything you want, and your awesome if you do it early. Usually you should not have sex until like..17! Your body has not finished developing. Many people think sex is it all, that its needed, and needed to be done often and frequently. Everything revolves around love & sex. I throw off the pressure, i am not feeling like sex is the best thing, its about love. Love is better c:

    All girls feel this pressure, sex is a BIG deal, and you need to be ready!

    • *sigh*

      I cant believe the kind of advice being given.

      Whoever told you that you MUST not have sex till you are 17 because your body isnt developed.

      This is the most narrow minded weirdest advice thats being given.


  • Sarah

    Don’t stay with a guy who pressures you into sex. Lose your virginity when you’re ready. Whether it may be your values or for religious reasons, it’s your call and if any guy doesn’t respect it, he’s not worth your time. Don’t cave into losing your virginity because of any kind of peer pressure.

    As for the history with other girls, there’s nothing you can do to change that, so don’t over-think it and just focus on the present situation.