WTF Is The #LegGun Hashtag On Instagram? 15 Of Our Favorite Images

Remember when #planking was a thing? And #Tebowing? And then everyone tried to make #horsemaning happen? Or what about how Instagram butt queen Jen Selter made #belfies (butt selfies… yes, really) popular? Well, the newest Instagram/Internet picture meme is here, and it’s called #LegGun. So, um… WTF is it?

If you search #LegGun on Instagram, you’ll pull up a whole bunch of images of people pointing their legs to make them look like guns. It seems pretty pointless and silly, like the rest of those picture trends above, but #LegGun actually has a much more political background.

#LegGun was started by famous Chinese artist Ai WeiWei to protest the way China is abusing it’s power in it’s battle against terrorism. Once Ai WeiWei posted a picture of himself making a “gun” with his leg, his thousands of followers mimicked him… and #LegGun was born. BBC News says about 10,000 images have been shared using the hashtag, along with hashtags #gunviolence and #endgunviolence. So, although the image seems like it’s just something to laugh at, it’s actually a pretty serious stand against violence.

But, not everyone seems to realize that. Although many of #LegGun images are actively trying to make a statement, a lot of them seem to be people who are just catching onto the trend and copying for a good picture with a lot of likes. I guess if it gets the message across anyway, it can’t hurt? Here are 15 of our favorite #LegGun pictures on Instagram:


1. Here’s a hamster (gerbil? I don’t know) getting in on the action:


2. And a cat…


3. Three #LegGuns in a row:


4. A whole dance class worth of #LegGuns…


5. Canada representing…


6. This doesn’t look like the easiest balancing act in the world…


7. …But this girl has it down.


8. Barbie in a bunny mask (?) doing the #LegGun.


9. Lego #LegGun


10. Cats are REALLY getting in the spirit of this.


11. Even Godzilla is making an appearance.


12. This one is pretty awesome.


13. Woody is REALLY amped about this.


14. Whoa. Very impressive.


15. Making this pretty literal, I see.


What do you think about the #LegGun hashtag? Have you participated? Which of these is the best? Tell me in the comments.


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