10 Things We Absolutely Need Emojis For ASAP

Good news, y’all! More emojis are coming to our fingertips soon! Before you know it, we’ll have enough emojis to eliminate words altogether. There are so many great emojis, but there are notably a lot of things missing from our fancy emoticon library. We’re especially missing diverse emojis, which is a huge problem. Apple announced back in March that they pledged to introduce more diverse emojis in the future.

Unfortunately, the new list of emojis released from Unicode (that’s what language emojis are) doesn’t really address the diversity issue. That said, there aren’t photos of the new emojis so we actually don’t know what the new ones will look like. There are several like “Black Down Pointing Backhand” that could hint at more diverse emoji options.

I use a lot of emojis to communicate, but there are some emotions and situations that are hard to express. I’ve come up with a few emojis we REALLY could use in our lives:

What other emojis do you want? Tell us in the comments!

WTF is the #LegGun

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  • dom

    the ‘praying hands’ IS two people highfiving

  • Karem

    There’s no “fingers crossed” WTF
    And no cheese… There’s an eggplum but not for cheese… weird

  • Abigail

    I really wish there was a butterfly emoji.