10 Awesome Rejection Quotes We Should Totally Use IRL

Good news for those of you who are harassed by random dudes to offer up your phone number! There’s a new texting service called Feminist Phone Intervention and here’s how it works: You tell some pesky dude that your phone number is 669-221-6251 and when he tries to hit you up he’ll get a quote from legendary feminist bell hooks in response. Rad, right? There are even other numbers for different countries and time-zones!

feminist phone intervention bell hooks

A sample text from the Feminist Phone Intervention texting service. | Source: Bitch Magazine


It would be so much easier if we could just come up with super snappy feminist theory to shoot back at people at random. Alas, most of us don’t have those abilities. If any of you are anything like me, then you’ll know how hard it is to come up with any snappy comeback, let alone a feminist one. That’s why it’s fun to get inspiration from some of these 10 awesome rejection lines from our favorite characters in TV and movies.


1) This creative one from our girl Effy from Skins. This…makes a lot more sense in context.


crayola dick effy skins


2) The most ’90s thing that was ever uttered in the ’90s.

Cancel My Subscription I'm Over Your Issues Popular



3) Sarcastic rejection from Daria.

daria born in this room quote


4)  This direct approach from Cher Horowitz

cher clueless ew get off of me


5)  The always charming Hilary Banks from Fresh Prince was definitely direct about her intentions. Goals.


hilary banks go away quote

6)  Pulling the classy card from The Parent Trap.

the parent trap i have class and you don't quote


7) Just in case a guy is trying to hit on you and insult your intelligence at the same time…

jackie burkhart that 70s show quotes


8) A quote from Sandy in Grease…perhaps best used when you’re feeling rejected yourself.

grease sandy you're a fake


9) In case some jock type wants to put the moves on you…


skill positions only for donna meagle

10) This classic from Sister Sister. Definitely works against any and all Rogers.

sister sister go home roger



And, of course, if all else fails there’s always a big ol’ “no.”

michael scott no



What other rejection quotes stand out for you? Have you ever managed to master a snappy rejection in real life? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  • PublicUser00

    I just love “Popular”. <3 [number 2]

  • Heather

    There’s always the old ” I’m already in a relationship”, “who?”
    *Looks around room* “uh, Pen Boardson, he goes to a different school”