The 15 Most Awkward Breakup Moments We’ll All Experience At Least Once

Breakups are not only heartbreaking… they’re also really, really awkward. Trying to gracefully handle the fallout of a breakup is one of the things that makes them so tough to deal with. When you’ve dumped someone, or been dumped, you don’t know how to act around them anymore. And that can lead to some really uncomfortable situations. 

I’m already an awkward person on my own, so add a breakup into the mix, and you’ve got some moments that are actually sitcom-worthy. I know all about awkward breakup moments, guys. I’m not even ashamed to say it. And I’m sure you all are too. Let’s face it – no matter how confident and calm you are, we’ll all experience these things at least once in our lives. Here are 15 of the most awkward breakup moments ever. We can all cringe together, now.


1. When you run into your ex after not talking for a while, and neither of you know what to do.

awkward gif

You’re sad, you’re angry, you’re confused… ugh.

2. Even worse, when you run into your ex with someone new. 


This is actually equal parts devastating and awkward.

3. If you say something horrible about your ex to a mutual friend.

oops gif

And they’re just like, “Uh…..” and then you feel stupid.

4. Just having mutual friends in general is awkward – who gets to hang out with them?

awkward lady gaga

Should you talk about it? Should you guys split up your friends? What are you supposed to do?

5. When someone who doesn’t know about the breakup says, “Oh, how is so-and-so?!” and you have to tell them it’s over.

shay mitchell gif

BRB sobbing.

6. When people you don’t know very well ask why things ended, and you get uncomfortable trying to explain that you don’t want to talk about it.

blake lively gif

Have some tact!

7. When you see him in public and try to play it cool, but end up crying in front of everyone.

britney spears gif

Yeah. It happens to the best of us.

8. When you run into his family members and have no idea how to act around them anymore.


Should you ignore them or be friendly?

9. If you guys still have classes together where you sit near each other. 


But you REALLY don’t want to see his face.

10. When your friends forget that they’re not supposed to speak of your ex and they accidentally say his name.

cry gif

Awkward silence…

11. When you run into your ex somewhere and unsuccessfully try to avoid him.

ariel gif

And he totally catches you.

12. If he puts something up about the breakup on social media.


Especially if it’s something sappy.

13. When you run into his friends, who used to sort of be your friends too.


Because of him, of course. Do they hate you now?

14. Even worse, when one of your exes friends starts hitting on you.


Uhhhh…. okay?

15. When you go on a date, and you see him.


This always happens when you’re JUST starting to move on.


Which of these awkward breakup moments have you dealt with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Jane

    i’ve been through a few of these. when we were together, my ex started hanging out with my friends and me. and then when we broke up, he didn’t stop hanging out with my friends. the number of times i ended up awkwardly hiding by my locker because my ex was with my friends AGAIN and i really really didn’t want to be anywhere near him. luckily we’re going to different schools this year, and we never shared a class.
    another majorly awkward one that happened to me was when i was randomly staring into space and i was looking at a random guy and then he caught me and i realised he was my ex (i’m shortsighted) and he spent the next 5 minutes staring at me. then he somehow ended up giving me my friend’s shoes.

  • Ana

    My ex boyfriend and I have ALL of the same friends (we were friends for a long time before we dated), and I have to hang out with him with all my friends all the time. It is literally the most awkward thing ever, because we’re still not speaking. Most of these have happened to me…yeah…..

  • Bee

    When you see a picture of your ex with their new “boo” and are gushing over them, and you still aren’t completely over them.

  • Arleene Avilez

    Got dumped sort of recently, about 2-3 months ago, & every single one of these has happened>.<

  • awkward

    Number 10 & 11 :p