7 Amazingly Sick LGBTQ Hip-Hop Artists You Need To Follow

Hip hop has a rep for being homophobic. While there’s definitely a history of anti-LGBTQ sentiment in the scene, that’s not specific to hip hop at all and there are definitely LGBTQ folks in hip hop. And believe it or not, they’ve been around before Macklemore rapped about how it’s okay to be gay. Wow, shocker.

But seriously, there are some awesome people in hip-hop who are openly part of the LGBTQ community and they’re seriously rad. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop or not, trust me, you’ll find something you love if you check out these seven artists.


1) Dai Burger

Dai Burger is beyond dope. Seriously, from her style to her flow she is probably one of the most fun girls in the game right now.


2) Cakes da Killa

I’ve had to privilege to meet Cakes da Killa on a couple of occasions and he’s just as fabulous in real life as he is on social media. But aside from that, he’s so ambitious and focused that it’s hard not to feel a little inspired by his hustle.


3) RoxXxan

RoxXxan is an openly gay hip-hop artist reppin’ the UK. She’s out and proud, but it took her ages to get to that point. She wants to be known primarily for her rhymes as opposed to her sexual orientation, but she’s still happy to rep the LGBTQ community.


4) Angel Haze

Angel. Haze. Is. A. Bad. Ass. Seriously, certified bad ass. I listen to her songs and I feel like I need to take a breather. What’s awesome about her is that she’s so upfront and blunt about her sexuality and her craft. Also, um, she is straight up gorgeous.


5) Le1f

What I love about Le1f is his confidence and sense of humor. Of course, he takes himself seriously as an artist but he’s still a little goofy.

6) Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy is an open lesbian and she’s damn proud of it. If I could sum up Brooke Candy in one word it would be this: Intense. Skeptical? Follow her on Instagram and check out her makeup and fashion. She is seriously next level.


7) Zebra Katz

Zebra Katz reminds me of Grace Jones when it comes to style and innovation. He seriously thinks outside of the box and it really pays off. If you want to listen to hip hop that’s definitely different than the mainstream, you’ve got to give him a listen.


What other awesome LGBTQ hip hop aritsts do you love? What about LGBTQ musicians in general? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Kelsey

    I LOVE Angel Haze! I found her through Bastille’s song Weapon that is featuring her and she has become one of my faves!

  • iamdandy

    love Angel&Brooke Queens