10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Stuck In The Car On A Road Trip

Road trips are super fun. Even if you have a destination set, a road trip is basically one big “Choose Your Own Adventure” game. You can go anywhere! You can see anything! You can stop at the Country’s Largest Ball Of Twine! You can load up on gas station snacks and sing along to bad music.

Whether you’re with your friends or your family, road trips are always a good time. Well, usually. Unless your brother tells you not to cross an imaginary line on the seat and you do on accident and then you get a charley horse. Anyway, you’ll def be having these thoughts when you’re stuck in the car on a road trip.


Let’s do thissssss!

2. Let me just get settled in my cozy seat.

Oh yeah, that’s nice.


Zitchdog! I WIN.

4. Holy crap, you’re a terrible driver!

Let’s stay in our lane, okay? And how about I send that text for you so we don’t crash?

5. I love this song!


6. I hate this song. Please stop torturing me!

Change it. Now.

7. Time for a nap.

8. Are we there yet?


9. Don’t touch me.

No really, don’t.

10. I can’t feel my legs!


How long have you been on a road trip for? What thoughts did you have? Tell us in the comments!

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