25 Technology Memories From The Early ’00s That Will Make You Smile

Even though it seems like the early 2000’s just happened yesterday, they didn’t. It’s 2014, meaning we can officially be nostalgic about the early ’00s. Does that make you feel old? Yeah, me too. I guess we should just embrace it though, right?

Growing up in the early 2000’s was kind of magical, mainly because this was a time of some major technological advances. And by technological advances, I’m not talking about the invention of Google or household Internet use in general – I’m talking about the fact that teens could finally talk to each other online, texting was becoming an option, and cell phones were becoming a thing. Although that other stuff was pretty great also.

Believe it or not, technology was seriously different in the early 00’s. It’s kind of funny to think about the stuff we used to do on the computer and with our phones. Here are 25 technology memories from the early 2000’s that will make you smile. 


1. We all used Napster or Limewire to download music illegally. 


And we never felt guilty about it. #sorrynotsorry

2. If you didn’t have AIM, you basically didn’t have a social life.


It was the only way to communicate.

3. You put more thought into your AIM profile than you did into anything else on the Internet.

aim buddy info

This DEFINED you. Unless you were beyond cool, and you didn’t need an AIM profile.

4. Myspace was way more popular than Facebook.


Ah, those were the days. Kind of.

5. Your Myspace Top 8 was Very Important and you only included your closest friends.

myspace top 8

And when you had a boyfriend or girlfriend, they automatically got the number one spot.

6. And even though some people acted like the order of your Top 8 didn’t matter, it totally mattered.

confused britney gif

“Wait, did she move me from spot 2 to 3? WTF????”

7. We all have an AIM screen name that we’re really embarrassed about now.

jennifer lawrence embarrassed gif

Mine was XoXbEaChBaBiiXoX. LEAVE ME ALONE.

8. Your AIM away message was like the window to your soul.


You had really good ones that you saved and used over again, and then you had the ones that were inside jokes to make other people feel left out.

9. Nokia cell phones and the game Snake went hand in hand. Snake was amazing.


This was before smartphones existed. The concept of doing more with our phones was not there.

10. Remember Nextels with their walkie-talkies? So annoying.


…But I totally had one.

11. We didn’t have iPods (in the earliest of the 2000’s). We had CDs and CD players. 


Walkman FTW!

12. One of the nicest things you could do for someone was give them a mix CD.


And decorate it, obviously.

13. DVDs had not yet completely taken over, so we were still watching annoying VHS tapes.

vhs gif

We also spent a lot of time talking about the days we wouldn’t be using VHS tapes anymore.

14. You couldn’t use Facebook unless you were in college, and no one really cared anyway, because it just wasn’t that cool yet.


Also, it was boring at first.

15. RAZR phones were like the old version of iPhones.


Everyone had one.

16. Before standard ringtones became a thing, everyone used songs as ringtones… which could be really, really horrible.

Some of my favorite songs were ruined this way.

17. There was no unlimited texting. You couldn’t just text everyone all the time! If you went over, it was super expensive.

texting gif

And everyone used abbreviating texting language, mainly because it was harder to type things out.

18. iMacs were enormous.


Like, gigantic.

19. You had to actually use maps (real maps, not Google maps) to get anywhere because Google maps and GPS weren’t a thing yet.

map gif

Now, I’d be shocked if a kid knew how to read a real map.

20. You heard this horrible, yet wonderful sound, when connecting to the Internet.

Ahhhh. Memories.

21. Only you can understand the frustration of not being able to go online to talk to your crush because your parents were on the phone.


Damn dial-up.

22. The early 2000’s version of sub-tweeting was making sub-away messages, which doesn’t sound as good, but oh well.


They were evil, and everywhere.

23. Since most of your friends didn’t have cell phones yet, you had to go through the awkwardness of leaving messages on home answering machines.


Once, I said, “Hi this is Lindsey calling for Jessica.” I’M JESSICA.

24. All of your mixed CDs had drawings of stars and hearts and stuff, unless you were actually a talented artist.


Sometimes I tried to include the names of all the songs.

25. Dollz. Dollz were everywhere.




Which of these tech memories was your favorite? What do you miss the most? What did I forget about? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Nathaniel Lewis

    Some of us had GPS in the early 2000’s. Well, a handheld unit on the dash plugged into a laptop running the navigation software. More of a “holy crap look what I can do” moment than actually a practical thing…

  • Liz S.

    So true!

  • Quynh Phuong Tran

    I still like and love to go on DollzMania,too and I still have Mixed CDs at home in RL,too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rei


  • Holly

    I once rang a friends house and said “Hi it’s Amy, is Holly there?”.
    I’m Holly.

  • Pixie

    Not gunna lie, I still go on DollzMania.

    • Lily

      OMG same!!!!! 😛