Would You Rather: Awkward Beach Scenarios

Which awkward beach scenario would you rather endure? | Source: Daria/MTV

Which awkward beach scenario would you rather endure? | Source: Daria/MTV

The beach is the perfect place to catch some sun…and catch some hell. No, really, the beach is fun and all but there are a lot of things that can go awry. First of all, sand gets everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Don’t lie, you’ve totally spent a week getting sand out of your va jay jay after some more intensive beach stays. Come on, admit it.

So if you’re not finding sand in weird places, you’re dealing with aggressive birds trying to steal your food, avoiding stepping on glass, and potentially losing your bathing suit top after a particularly aggressive wave. Let’s just hope that the cute lifeguard doesn’t witness all of these mishaps this summer.

Yeah, the beach is full of awkward possibilities. Now you can decide which awful scenario you’d rather endure in our Would You Rather poll!



What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at the beach? Would you rather spend time at the beach or by the pool? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Selena

    I went to the beach and my crush was there, I wore a bikini top since it was so hot that day. He asked me to surf with him =). The next day when I was wearing my bra I realised my boobs were uneven!!!! =I

  • Autumn Mae

    I was surfing with a couple of my friends and I totally wiped out and got washed out on the beach… bad thing was I lost my top somewhere in the water

  • simmie

    I was at the beach and I had a top I didn’t want it keep it with me it would get wet so I put it under ground in the sand,I come back a few minutes later I look for it in the sand it’s gone. STUPID ME! Right