10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Big Jerk

I’d love to say that everyone is kind in the world, but some people are just jerks. I’ve run into a bunch of jerks in my lifetime, and I’ve dated plenty of them too. They’re not fun to deal with, and I do everything I can to not be a jerk to others. Being nice is way easier anyway.

One of my friends had a revelation that she was kind of a jerk after she kept flaking on everyone’s plans all the time. Once she realized it, she became a much better friend. How do you know if you’re a jerk? Here are 10 ways to tell:

1. You’re never happy about anything.

Grumpy Cat is cute. Acting like Grumpy Cat is not cute.

2. Complaining is your number one talent.

You’d win the gold medal of the complaining Olympics.

3. When good things happen to your friends, you’re jealous.

If you’re not happy, no one is.

4. You never help anyone out.

“Uh sorry, no I can’t.”

5. But expect everyone to help you when you’re in a jam.


6. You lie, like, a lot.

You don’t even know what the truth is anymore.

7. You make fun of your friends both to their faces and behind their backs.

You’re just a regular Regina George, aren’t you?

8. You talk on the phone when checking out at a store.

Seriously, you can get off the phone for five seconds.

9. You respond to texts with “K.”


10. You always find a reason to be mean to someone.

Not cool, bb, not cool.

Are you a jerk? Do you know anyone who does these things? Tell us in the comments!

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