10 Of The Weirdest Sex Positions You’ll Pull A Muscle Trying

There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex life, and one of those ways is to try out new positions. The same stuff can get pretty boring after a while so it’s fun to switch things up. Plus, different positions give you different pleasure, and that’s always good.

The thing about sex though is that it’s supposed to be fun, not dangerous. You shouldn’t have to be an Olympian to get busy, but some sex positions make you feel that way. If I wake up the next morning with a pulled muscle, I won’t be happy. That’s why it’s important to avoid weird and dangerous positions that could potentially harm you.

What do you think about these positions? Have you tried them? Would you? Tell us in the comments!

Oops! This couple almost got caught… in public!

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  • AFCrewChief

    Want to stay safe girls?…just give us more head…lol

  • Joe Ney

    A’ve bn tryin bt a’ve come to realize that some styles do bring pain 4 the woman.

  • rrrrr

    ohhhh amazing……feeling awesome…

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  • Andriana

    This Is Amazing

  • broman

    some people like to experiment, and some dont want to go out the norm. but if you do happen to try some or all of these, first try with caution, and you may get used to it, and some may feel really awesome for you.

  • tried 3

    I’ve done 3. Do it a lot actually. It’s my favorite. If your guy can do it, it’s wonderful!! He doesn’t have to spin while he’s inside you. He can stick it after he gets in the position. At least that’s how Mister does it. Oh it’s an orgasm a minute.

  • ~~^^Jessica^^~~

    Omg the 1st one looks like its gonna break your neck omg

  • i love sex

    I have tried 2 of these postions i love sex i have 7 kids now

  • Finally_Free

    Cosmopolitan has earned itself quite the reputation over on Buzzfeed. A hilarious reputation, but still.

  • Anne

    This is great