16 Of The Most Annoying Things Guys Do That Need To Stop

Yesterday, I pulled a bunch of responses from an Ask Reddit thread to make a post about the things guys want women to stop doing immediately. It was interesting to see what about girls drives guys crazy, but at the same time, I couldn’t help thinking… “Guys do stuff that drive girls crazy also!” Since I want everything to be even here, I’m now going to pull responses from an Ask Reddit thread on the things women want guys to stop doing immediately.

Now, please do not take this the wrong way. I’m not sitting here saying I hate all men because #feminism. I’m not saying that all guys do this stuff, or that all dudes suck. I just think it’s okay to point out the flaws in people sometimes, and since we already did that with women, it’s only fair to do it with men now. Here are 16 of the most annoying things guys do, according to the ladies. Dudes, if you’re reading… please cut it out.

Which of these things do you think is the most annoying? Which do you disagree with? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


15 things guys want girls to stop doing immediately

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  • j ash

    This was a pathetic list. Of course, it was 100% reactionary. I’ll give you the unsolicited dick pic bitch. The others? Are you fucking kidding me?

    “If a guy creeps me out, I’m going to ignore him”….
    Women- ***you lose ALL credibility when you’re “creeped out” by everything under the sun***. And if you can’t explain yourselves and then react irrationally or coldly, well then you are a bitch! lol. It’s simple as that. You purchased that negativity by your own negativity. A guy has every right to call you out on that. Not to mention, you may come across as semi schizophrenic, mentally challenged or bipolar.
    Is that what you want? If you’re that fuckin disturbed- GET HELP! It’s obviously your problem, not ours. 90% of the teen to 30 something female population are brained washed by these silly feminist ran girl magazines like Cosmo girl, etc; it’s no wonder your brains are all scrambled and you’re afraid of your own shadows and entitled. It is CHIC to be “creeped out” too. Because its gossip material for your friends, etc. Something to commiserate and gossip with your gal friends in the water cooler the next day.. (“OMG, this creepy loser had the audacity to ask me out, hahaha. He LOOKED creepy. So I just ignored him hahaha…DUH”<<< Stay classy, little girls. Stay classy!!). Judging a book by it's cover- way to go. You're all creating your own lifetime movies in your own twisted labotimized brains. The damsel in distress theory at it again. Get over yourselves and stop preaching about "entitlement" (Pot, meet kettle!).. It's only natural to respond in that way when one is angry. It's called BEING HUMAN. Get use to it. You believe you're ENTITLED to have some "hot" prince charming that you remember from the Disney movies that you all seen as stupid little girls. Or you want the "bad boys". 70% of the guys that you want are gay or taken. Or they're inaccessible (You will NEVER get Ryan Reynolds or Justin Bieber- NEVER). You deserve nothing if those are what your expectations are and that list is true for some of the things that you're all "upset" by.
    You. deserve. NOTHING!
    Here's to hoping that some of you end up as lonely fat drug addicted sows in a trailer park with a husband in a wife beater or a dozen cats.

    • Icannotthinkofanamepleasehelp

      Sigh. This was a list compiled from a bunch of reddit users, as in, it is the opinions of multiple people. Maybe there is a girl that loves random dick pics, I doubt it, but it may be possible (don’t try that out). Besides, what list would you make? Top 69 things I want girls to do, but I know that they won’t happen? Smh

  • Just sayin

    I agree with almost everything here except the very last one: If a guy buys you something — a drink or anything else — have the courtesy to talk to him. If you aren’t interested in talking with him, DON’T accept the drink. This is just common courtesy. Talking isn’t sex, so don’t put the two on the same level. Accepting a gift — a drink or otherwise — with the intention of ignoring the giver is just rude, and you’re no better then the jerk guys described in the rest of this.

    • Icannotthinkofanamepleasehelp

      I don’t think that is what the person who wrote that means. I think they mean that, while they may appreciate it, that shouldn’t mean that the guy gets instant sex. Plus, if you didn’t bother to notice, this was a list compiled from reddit users and their opinions.

  • RubyRed

    1 –
    2. Leave us alone. Or I will kill you.
    3. To be fair. . .they disgust me more than any guy I’ve encountered. . .and no. . I do not want to talk about them. Especially not in depth. I would find that creepy.
    4. Yeah it can be belittling in most cases but sometimes a guy is just trying to diffuse tension and have you realise you’re being OTT about something.
    5. –
    6. This is beaten into their little heads in like every damn movie. That pretty popular girl is such a bitch for not liking you because you’re unattractive. What a shallow individual. … But it doesn’t matter that I only like her cus she’s pretty. . And that doesn’t make me shallow. Nooooooo. I hate this.
    7. –
    8. Refer to no.6 if we are not attracted to you, we just aren’t. Doesn’t make us awful and same goes to guys turning girls down.
    9. I feel like peeling someone’s face off when they call me sweetheart or Darl. Especially if they are not considerably older than me and clearly meaning it in an endearing way. It’s just condescending as hell. And makes me rage so hard.
    10. Most of the time you can’t make out what they say whether it’s good or bad. So I personally assume bad and it either ruins my day or makes me yell back. Because I’m vicious like that
    11. I would kill them. But I wouldn’t send nudes anyway but that’s just me. Untrusting and paranoid in the first place ;p
    12. No. I just hate you.
    14. Refer to no.6 & 8
    16. Again refer to 6/8
    Longest comment ever omg

  • Anonymous

    but what if a guy you know to be nice because of his actions then says he did something because he’s a nice guy?

  • Gabriel

    Okay so, I just need to to point out that feminism has nothing to do with “hating men” and people REALLY need to stop perpetuating the idea that it does. Ugh.

    • j ash

      Yeah….they do hate men.

  • Claire

    When they say that they’re going to kiss us… Just do it.

  • Forever Alone

    “Get it through your heads…” I get it…

  • Finally_Free

    Somebody on Tumblr once said, “A guy sent me a dick pic, so I sent him a pic of an even bigger one. They guy blocked me. APPARENTLY, some people don’t like pictures of dicks on their phones! Who would have thought!”