7 Ways To Feel Confident In A Bathing Suit

As much as we’re all about promoting body positivity, let’s be real: Some of us talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Okay, a lot of us are in that boat, myself included. Some days I feel very “eff beauty standards, you don’t define me, I’m awesome and look awesome” and other days I’m thinking, “ugh, if only I kept up my workout routine.” Summer just emphasizes any and all of my insecurities, especially when it comes bathing suits. I’m sure plenty of you can relate.

But even if we never feel 100 percent positive about our bodies, we can definitely feel better about them during swimsuit season. Here are seven ways to help make it happen. It’s time for us to really take this to heart and stop worrying so much.


What helps you feel confident in a bathing suit? What insecurities are you trying to get a handle on? Tell us in the comments!


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