11 Memorable Moments From Rocket Power

Okay, question: Who wasn’t sort of obsessed with Rocket Power back in the day? That show’s timing was absolutely perfect for our generation, honestly. It was back when skateboarding was really blowing up in popularity with us kids. Come on, who didn’t secretly wish they could skateboard? This show just made those of us with absolutely zero boarding skills so jealous, but we still lived vicariously through these diverse, carefree kids who literally did nothing but skate and surf all day, every day.

The Rocket Power gang seriously had homework, like, three times in the entire duration of the show. That’s living the life.

If you loved Rocket Power too, you’re going to love being thrown into this throw back of 11 memorable moments from the show.

Reggie And Her Girl Power

How badass was Reggie, though? I mean, it's cool enough that she was so sporty, but she wasn't into separating herself from being a girl because of it. She had her crew of girlfriends who also kicked butt at sports and she stood up for herself whenever someone belittled her for being a girl in the sports scene. She was definitely a great character for girls to look up to.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

'Sand In The Potato Salad!

The most classic moment of the entire show:

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

The Stimpletons

Violet Simpleton was a sweetheart stuck in this '60s housewife mentality. Merv was just a hater who really couldn't stand children. It was way awesome when their pool got drained out, though, and the Rocket Power kids used it as a skate spot.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

Twister: The Clueless Cutie

Hands up: Who had a huge crush on Twister? Seriously, who cares how clueless he was? He had a lot of heart and was totally cute for a cartoon character. I dare someone to fight me on this.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

The Slang

Shoobies, gnarly, tubular, beef, grommet...this show should have its own glossary, honestly. Forget finding new words on Urban Dictionary, let's bring back Rocket Power slang.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

That Mackenzie Girl

Honestly, just the reminder of this girl is enough to make me cringe. She was such a horrifying brat with a ridiculous crush on Twister. And, as we can see, she had no qualms with threatening to beat up mimes.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

That Time When There Was That Massive Hurricane And It Didn't Make Much Sense

Okay, this is something that always stood out to me in particular. Rocket Power definitely takes place in Southern California, so as someone who is also from Southern California, I watched this hurricane episode and was super confused. Why? We...don't really get hurricanes in Southern California. It is super rare. So, of course, as a kid I watched this and became super paranoid about Los Angeles being hit by a hurricane. Thanks, Rocket Power.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

Shoobie Hatin'

Seriously, if there's one thing that we all learned from Rocket Power, it's that shoobies suck.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

Those Not So Shallow Moments

Rocket Power has been criticized for being a little alienating to viewers who weren't exactly competitive athletes. But there were moments when the show managed to have a lot of heart. For example, there was an episode when Reggie competed in a snowboarding competition against a girl with an artificial leg. Reggie took pity on her and decided to lose on purpose, which backfires when the girl finds out. She, rightfully, schools Reggie on how to treat people with disabilities with respect. There was another episode when Reggie finds out that her new friend is homeless. See? This show really went there sometimes. Mad respect.

The Ridiculous Amounts Of Jealousy An Entire Generation Felt Towards This Family's Talent

Okay, this is obviously just a cartoon but who wasn't way jealous about the Rockets and co being able to surf, skate and snowboard so damn well? Like, who gave them the right? What is even going on in this picture? How is this even physically possible?

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon


Nuff said.

Source: Rocket Power/Nickelodeon

Okay, who was your favorite Rocket Power character? Least favorite? Was it Otto? Because that’s understandable. What about a most memorable episode? Tell us in the comments!


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