10 Awesomely Revealing Red Carpet Outfits

Okay, let’s admit it: it’s a little embarrassing to think about how caught up we can get in celebrity red carpet looks. Seriously, the red carpet is really a celebrity’s time to shine and show off, and our job as spectators is to talk about how much we loved or hated what they wore. Shallow, right? Well, sure, but sometimes these red carpet looks are so iconic that it’s hard not to blab about.

Which brings me to the ultimate inspiration behind this post. In case you missed it, Rihanna arrived at the CDFA Fashion Awards wearing an amazing, ’20s inspired, sheer, slinky full length gown. Seriously, the Josephine Baker vibes were strong, y’all. It was revealing and daring, just the way Rihanna likes it, and it was impossible not to love. But our girl Ri Ri isn’t the only celebrity to show off a whole lot of skin on the red carpet. Here are 10 other female celebrities who did as well and became part of the most iconic red carpet moments in history. A few of these are a little NSFW so proceed with caution!



What revealing red carpet look stands out to you? Do you think that celebs should dress however they want or keep it conservative on the red carpet? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Nia

    I can’t wait to see how Rih tops this one.

    • Right? She’s been killing it lately though, so I won’t be surprised if she wows us again. But it’ll be hard to top this.