15 Obvious Signs A Guy Likes You (According To Dudes)

We get a lot of questions from you guys, our wonderful readers. They range from every topic you could think of. But the one one question we get the most, hands down, is “how do I know if he likes me?” All of you girls are searching for signs of whether your crush is crushing back or not. I don’t blame you! After all, the opposite sex can be confusing.

Since I’m a girl, I don’t feel 100 percent qualified to answer this question. That’s why when I saw this Ask Reddit thread on obvious signs a guy likes you, I knew I had to share. I even went a step further to search for other similar threads (this older one and this older one) so I could give you guys a lot of different answers. So, how do you know if that guy from your class likes you or not? Here are 15 obvious signs a guy likes you (according to actual guys).

Do you think your crush likes you? What are other signs you think we forgot? Tell me in the comments.


15 things guys want girls to know about them

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  • twinreal

    Great tips, these works as good for girls I believe. IMHO the most important part is the first eye contact, you will know for sure if she or he is interested,. I’ve also found this article useful: https://www.loveisnotabuse.com/what-are-the-signs-he-has-a-crush-on-you/

  • Lalit Vohra

    Here is my take on it, signs that a girl likes you

  • Toni

    There were different things my ex did. But one thing notable would be that, once in a while, he would show up wherever I was. Slide 3/15: They Can Be Accidentally Creepy. I’d feel slightly annoyed but love the attention too.

  • tiger

    The best behavior is sometimes the funniest onenof all. My hunny and I have been together for about a month and he will still go into another room if he hasbto burp. If were at his place and he needs the restroom he turn the TV up or the music. Its cute but funny. Until this weekend he’d either shower before I showed up or if I stayed the night wait till I left the next day. I find it super cute but its driving me crazy. I want him to just be himself around me already.