The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Joining A Fandom

I’ve been a part of fandoms for years now and they’ve been such a great source in making random, amazing friends on the internet. It also making freaking out about TV shows, books and movies ten time more fun. If you’re on Tumblr or any other corners of the internet, you’ve probably encountered typical fannish activities: fan art, fan fiction, general CAPSLOCK behavior, harassing a celebrity’s girlfriend because you’re jealous of them…you know, typical fannish activities. Maybe you’ve even been a little jealous and wanted to join in with the fun. I mean, nobody wants to be left out, right?

If you’ve been dying to join a fandom but you’re not sure how to go about it, check out these 10 (ridiculous) ways to make it happen. Before you know it you’ll be a fandom veteran.


Okay, what fandoms are you a part of? How’d you get involved iwth it? What real advice do you have for someone who wants to jump into fandom culture? Tell us in the comments!


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  • emmy

    I accidentally joined the Critical Role fandom when I was trying to get better at DnD. I’m stuck and I need help. I’ve watched 68 episodes over the past week. All of my productivity has gone out of the window, and I’m loving every second. join me in my fandom.

  • Stacy Waters

    I’m in the THE HUNGER GAMES fandom and I’m starting to get into divergent too. I got into the hunger games because my best friend kept yelling me to read them and I kept putting it off and then I read them and I loved them.