10 Things That Will Not Make Your Boobs Bigger

When I was younger, I spent an embarrassing amount of time wishing for bigger boobs. It seemed like every other woman in my family had a large bust – I was the only one wearing an A-cup! Never mind the fact that, at 14-years-old, I wasn’t even close to being finished growing. I wanted bigger boobs, and I wanted them immediately.

So, I prayed for them (literally. I prayed for them every night). I thought about plastic surgery I listened hopefully when friends told me about “ancient techniques” that really worked! Thankfully, though, I never tried any of the weird creams or pills out there that promised to give you larger boobs in a matter of days – they just always seemed too good to be true.

In the end, my boobs grew on their own. I was just a little bit of a late bloomer! Why did I just tell you all of that? Because, truthfully, there is no natural way to make your boobs bigger. They’ll either grow on their own, or they won’t… simple as that. There are a lot of crazy products out there that promise larger breasts right away, but they are all scams. I’ve seen a lot of you girls trading tips on how to make your breasts grow, but honestly – those don’t work either. So, to clear up any confusion, here are 10 things that will not make your boobs bigger. Ever. I promise.

Which of these things have you tried? Do you disagree with any of them? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


13 Do’s and Don’ts Of Making Your Boobs Look Bigger

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  • charisaob .

    hahahaha ok, then chiyomilk which she used puerartia mirifica and fat brushing/massage technique is also a scam? mmmm she doesn’t make any money out of it, plus in some forums there are many women who do see increase with many natural techniques and herbs and even power of the mind, what a worthless article, I thought I would read about coffee and lack of speel of whatever, WTF? plastic surgeon put you write this? not only herbs and massage increase breast size, someone needs to do it for more than 6 months to see real actual growth, it has to do it for a whole year and women today don’t like working for such thing a whole year of daily massage plus ignorance and they do the easy plastic choice which is a boob job and I feel pity for them. The problem is women want to see results within a week to believe, not even chemical medicine takes that little time to cure a disease for example but people are simply impatient.
    If a woman wants to enlarge breasts naturally needs to do those things:
    1. Check all of her hormones, the results will show if there are any problems or if her hormones are balanced.
    2. Choose the proper estrogenic herbs according to her hormones
    3. Daily breast massage with oils that are beneficial
    4. Fasting, daily fasting for 16-18 hours increases naturally Human growth hormone and HGH increases progesterone and collagen.
    5. Take pueraria mirifica or another strong estrogenic herb.
    6. Use the power of the mind and hypnosis.
    All the above might not increase breast size in some women within 3 months or a day or a week, but it might increase it within a year, chiyomilk increased her breast size 3-4 cups and it took her almost 2-3 years! lets be little realistic but her natural boobs are no match to its beauty and shape of any fake boob in the world! If you ladies have patience and go with it and be persistent you will not be disappointed with the results.

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  • Black Shooter01

    I just wanna say if something didnt work for you doesnt mean its a scam or a lie. Boobs are made up of fats so anything with fat can make them grow that includes oils and butter too. There are alot of herbs that can make them grow too and creams if made with proper ingredients can work.

  • Andrea Bunoza

    After having my child I had the , most beautiful dd breasts. After I stopped breastfeeding my dd went to a small saggy b cup. I bought boobpop tool product not to grow back my gigantic breast feeding boobs. But to atleast gain some kind of tissue back into my breasts. After using for about 6 months my breasts are now a firm c cup

  • Anneabelle

    I’ve been doing the Chi massage for two weeks with flaxseed oil every morning and night for two weeks and have gone up a cup size. Just because massaging might not have worked for you *if you did it, which I don’t know if you did. I apologize if you didn’t and I’m understanding wrong* it does work for some people. It stimulates tissue allowing more blood flow, the blood carries the hormones, resultin I larger breasts. No it does not wok for everyone, and if someone doesn’t see results in a month it probably doesn’t work for them, but for some women it does.

  • One of the most effective ways of enlarging the breasts is to follow a good exercise routine which is meant for the enlargement of the breast.

  • Gurll

    Fenugreek promotes estrogen production. I’ve been eating it since a month. Ive seen a positive change

  • Anony-mouse

    Call me weird, but I don’t want a big chest. It seems rather pointless to have to carry those things around all the time. It’s not like I’m looking for a guy, after all. My chest is pretty flat, but I’d prefer to be even flatter, NOT larger.