Would You Rather: Summer Camp


Which awkward summer camp scenario would you rather endure? | Source: The Parent Trap/Disney

Most of my childhood summers were spent at summer camp. Whether it was day camp or sleep away camp, I was out and about doing something or other in the blazing sun. Half of the time it sort of sucked, but going to theme parks, hanging out at the beach and sleeping in a cabin definitely had its perks. Of course, you don’t fully appreciate how awesome it is until you’re older and can hardly remember the last time you went to a theme park, but let’s not dwell on sadness right now.

Instead, let’s dwell on all the awkward, hilarious and horrific things that can happen at summer camp. Fun, right? Of course it is. Take our Would You Rather poll and get ready for some awfulness.


Do you have any summer camp horror stories? Best summer camp experience? Tell us in the comments!

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  • icestar

    Is it USED dental floss??? >.<

  • PrincessPrisma

    Daddy long legs are not spiders they have 6 legs and use there antenies as legs so they are insects

  • makayla

    tough questions