How Can You Make Your Labia Smaller?

Dear Heather,

How can you make your labia smaller? Can you exercise it? Mine is really big and fat and it makes me feel self-conscious. Should I get surgery or is there an easier way to make it smaller?

I’m sorry you’re feeling so self-conscious about the appearance of your whole down there area. We all have parts of our body that we want to change, unfortunately, and while it’s easy to say you should just love the body you were both with, it’s much more difficult to put that into practice.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you a natural way to make your labia smaller because there is no natural way to make your labia smaller. There is no exercise you can do that will make it appear smaller (although there is an exercise called kegels, that will tighten your vaginal muscles, but that’s different). Every vagina is unique – some women have larger, “fatter” labias, while others have smaller ones. Some women have vaginal lips that hang low, some have uneven vaginal lips, and some women have small ones. I can go on, but I think you know what I’m trying to say.

The point is, every vagina looks different, and so you aren’t weird because your labia is big. Realistically, there is nothing for you to feel self-conscious about. You can’t control the way your labia or vagina looks, it’s just the way you were made! You may read some myths on the Internet about making it smaller (for example, I saw one girl say that putting apple sauce on your vag will make it appear smaller. Rest assured, this is 100 percent not true), but please don’t trust them. And while everyone has their own preferences when it comes to physical appearance, I can promise you that most dudes out there don’t care if your labia is big or small. They’re just excited about looking at a vagina!

Yes, there is such a thing as labiaplasty, which is a version of plastic surgery that can make your labia smaller or make your vagina look different. And while that will always be an option if that’s what you choose to do, I would recommend holding off on that. Plastic surgery is a big deal, and altering the way you look down there (or anywhere) isn’t something you should take lightly. I would first try to accept the way you look, and be proud of your body. If, in the future, you feel that it will really make you happy, it is always something you can look into to.

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  • pinkheart

    The on tumblr from the larger “fatter” labias link is really good. Thanks gurl for trying to make us feel normal no matter how we look down there.

  • hanna

    Hey heather! I have never been properly educated on the vagina and the different parts of it….too scared to look at Google images I was wondering if you could explain the different parts? Maybe a diagram would help