8 Folks On Twitter Who Will Make You Fall In Love With Feminism And Women’s Rights Activism

I know that a lot of feminists believe that feminism is all about equal rights, but that barely scratches the surface of feminism’s full potential. Women aren’t all the same. Some women have more privilege than others based on race, class, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness, etc. How can someone say that they want to be treated equally to men when women aren’t even treated equally among themselves? And men aren’t either!

Feminism–or womanism, women’s rights, whatever you want to claim–should be about challenging unjust systems that oppress women, all kinds of women! Social media has been a huge inspiration when it comes to getting excited and passionate about women’s rights. If you’re ready to really jump headfirst into feminism, check out these eight accounts that’ll help get you started. Yeah, it’s time to stop giving a damn about negative connotations and start giving a damn about what really matters: Helping women’s lives for the better and giving patriarchy the middle finger.

Feminist Frequency
Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian definitely causes waves whenever she calls out sexism in pop culture. Definitely follow her on Twitter and check out her video series Feminist Frequency for an eye opening look at just how messed up this world of ours is and what we can do to change it.



Suey Park
She might be known as the woman who started the #cancelcolbert hashtag, but her Twitter is full of important posts about race, gender, sexuality and the intersection of the three. Whether you agreed with her #cancelcolbert stance or not, her voice is one you don’t want to ignore.


Gradient Lair
Gradient Lair is a blog dedicated to exploring the intersection of race and gender in the lives of black women. Even if you aren’t black, getting some insight on groups of women with different struggles than your own is so important to becoming an inclusive feminist.



Janet Mock
Besides being an awesome writer and personality, Janet Mock is transgender woman who uses her platform to spread awareness to issues trans issues, especially homelessness and violence. She’s awesome. Fall in love with her, please!


Jessica Valenti
Valenti is probably one of the most well known feminist voices of our time. You might know about her book, The Purity Myth, which dissects society’s obsession with controlling women’s bodies and sexuality. Definitely worth a read and, fortunately, the same can be said of her Twitter account.



Bitch Mag rocks. Period. It’s an independent feminist magazine that’s super inclusive when it comes to race, class, sexual orientation, etc.


Elizabeth Plank

We need more openly feminist folks on television news…thankfully Elizabeth Plank is one of those people. Her Twitter is full of super shareable information, like the statistics of violence against women and sexist practices around the world. And on top of all that, she’s just a really cool woman. Follow her already.



Health info, body talk, relationship issues and a healthy does of feminism? Um, yes, please. All of that and more is at Scarleteen.


What other blogs or folks on Twitter do you follow for your daily dose of feminism? What has inspired you to become passionate about women’s rights? Tell us in the comments!

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