25 Fashion Problems You’ll Only Understand If You’re Short

Measuring in at just about 5’0, I am a short girl… or petite, if you want, because that sounds nicer. I’ve written about my short girl struggles before, but the fashion issues that come along with my height just deserve more recognition, simply because they are so freakin’ frustrating.

Truthfully, I don’t mind being short. I mean, yeah, I’d take an extra inch or two if I could, but overall I’m really okay with my height. However, this mindset always changes whenever I’m shopping or trying on clothes. It seems like the fashion industry only makes clothing for one type of person sometimes, and that person is not me, or my fellow shorties. It makes finding the perfect outfit just a little bit harder, which is pretty annoying. Maybe ranting about it will make me feel better? So, here are 25 fashion problems you’ll only understand if you’re short. I feel you. Trust me.


1. Finding jeans that actually fit. 

frustrated emma stone gif

Even petites are usually too long. I mean, who are they making these sizes for?!?!

2. Similarly, buying maxi skirts or dresses is super difficult. 

frustrated gif

That maxi skirt could actually be a dress on you.

3. In fact, all dresses are almost always a little too long. 


Unless you buy a size smaller than what you usually wear, which is just uncomfortable.

4. It’s really hard to find a cute romper because your torso is so small. 

annoyed gif

They always fit weird and look weird. When you find one that fits right, it’s a miracle.

5. Capri pants are not capris on you.

nicki gif

They are regular pants. Or they hit at the most awkward spot on your ankle.

6. Jumpsuits? LOL

jennifer lawrence gif

Yeah, these just don’t work.

7. The sleeves of most jackets are way too long, even if they fit perfectly everywhere else. 

rihanna gif

It makes buying outerwear incredibly annoying. You can’t cuff the sleeves of winter jackets!

8. You can’t even say you can wear kids sizes, because they don’t account for curves. 

meatball problems

I mean, maybe some people can, but I have boobs and I am not one of those people.

9. Long tanks or shirts are more like dresses on you.

not cool gif

And they look silly.

10. Any kind of shirt that has a drawstring waist is difficult to wear because it hits in a weird spot because of your short torso.


They are the bane of my existence.

11. You have to pay extra to get all of your bottoms hemmed. 

nicki eyes gif

So, even if you get something on sale… it’s not really on sale, when you think about it.

12. It’s super hard to shop online because you never know if something will fit right.

selena gif

Returning things to online stores is just a pain in the butt.

13. Sometimes you look like a child playing pretend in adult clothes 🙁


And you are NOT a kid!!

14. 3/4 quarter sleeves do not work on you. 

annoyed breakfast club gif

They are probably more like regular sleeves. Or they look like sleeves that are just too short.

15. You know how some people can get away with flats at a fancy event? Yeah, you usually can’t.

imanadult gif

You look too young, and not fancy enough.

16. Wearing ankle boots that sit just a bit too high on your calf cut off your legs and make you look shorter.

consequences gif

You’re better off getting ones that sit right below your ankle.

17. If a tank or halter top doesn’t have adjustable straps, they’re usually too loose because your shoulders are small. 

regret this decision gif

This includes bathing suits. You can’t just sit there pulling up your straps all the time!

18. High-waist pants or shorts come up to your boobs. 

emma stone gif

Which is… not comfortable, to say the least.

19. Boyfriend jeans can be difficult to wear because they can just make you look stumpy sometimes.


You just need to find the right pair. Which can take forever.

20. Any item of clothing that is too loose or baggy can easily overwhelm your frame. 


Like long, chunky cardigans. You look like you’re drowning.

21. Drop waist dresses fall WAY too low. 


Not a trend for you, unfortunately.

22. WHY are all of the shortest sizes on the highest levels of store shelves?

wtf gif

I don’t understand. Who did this to us?

23. Remember that midi-skirt trend? Yeah, not happening for you.


The skirts fall in the most awkward place.

24. Leggings usually bunch up around your ankles. 

katy perry gif

Not cute. Not cute at all.

25. One size most certainly does not fit all.


Get it, fashion industry? DO YOU GET IT?

Are you short? Which of these problems do you think is the most annoying? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


20 fashion problems you’ll only understand if you have big boobs

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  • Ellie

    OMG YES. I can relate to all of this. I’m also 5’0. And I’m more curvy than most people assume someone with my height is, so most petite stuff doesn’t fit at all!