10 Thoughts You’ll Have During Your Post-Graduation Meltdown

Congratulations, you’re a graduate! Huzzah! Graduating from high school is so exciting, and it’s a huge accomplishment so you should be really proud of yourself. You worked hard to get here, and now you’re moving on to the next chapter in your life. (Could I sound anymore cliche?) After you come down from the fun of graduation, you might start to freak out a little. Or a lot.

I had a serious post-graduation meltdown about a week after I got my diploma. I was super happy to be done with high school, but reality started setting in. I was going to college in three months. I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice, and I was flipping my lid over being away from my friends and family. This post-grad meltdown is completely normal, and here are 10 thoughts you’ll definitely have during it:

1. Okay. I graduated. Now what?

I think I forgot how to breathe.

2. OMG what if I picked the wrong college?

Did I make the right choice? What if I hate it? What happens if I transfer?

3. What if I don’t even want to go to college?!

College isn’t for everyone!

4. I think I should take a gap year.

I might need time to find myself before figuring out what to do.

5. I’m never going to see my friends again.


6. I don’t know how to live on my own!

I can’t do anything! I’m going to shrink my laundry!

7. That’s it. I’m not moving out.

I’m staying right here. And think of all the time I’ll save by not packing.

8. I feel so OLD!


9. How do people go so far away and survive?

Seriously, I told my mom what I wanted from the grocery store this morning.

10. I’m not ready for this, and you can’t make me leave!

Have you graduated yet? Are you freaking out? Tell us in the comments!

These things will definitely happen with your friends after you graduate

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  • sparklyindigo

    To the first person who commented- Some people really aren’t meant for academics, rather than going to college they might be much better off going out and getting apprenticeships, not going to college doesn’t necessarily mean not getting a job.

  • Louise

    “College isn’t for everyone!” Sorry to be the party pooper, but good careers require a college degree. Not to mention the salary and intelligence gap. Encouraging kids not to go to college is NOT what this country needs. And besides that, college is fun.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      That’s actually not true at all. I know a lot of people who never went to college with extremely successful careers. I also know a lot of people who still haven’t graduated from college and are just wasting tuition money.

      I loved college and a degree was important for me personally. However, college isn’t for everyone, and it’s really rude to assume that you can’t be successful if you don’t have a degree.

      • Louise

        It’s on them for wasting the tuition money. Their will always be those people. I don’t assume you can’t be successful without a college degree, my mother is living proof. She runs her own Xerox dealership and is a wonderful businesswoman. Her biggest regret? Not finishing college. Not that I don’t think my mother is wise, but she’ll be the first to tell you she isn’t academically inclined and hated school, yet she still says not finishing her education was a mistake. Having a degree can really make the difference. It makes it easier to get a good career, and it makes you more knowledgeable within your field.

        And yes, there are people who should go to trade schools instead, but everybody, who is willing to learn, benefits from an education. High school is not that education. I’m not saying they all have to be doctors, although that should be a seriously considered career, they can open up a coffee shop, train horses, build surfboards, cut hair, I don’t care, but there are still things for these graduates to learn. And college is an excellent place to learn them.