15 Fictional Things We Wish Were Real

Sometimes, I get so into a particular book or movie that I almost manage to forget that the fictional things and people I’m reading about aren’t actually real. It’s REALLY disappointing when I snap out of that, as you might imagine. But think about how much cooler our world would be if the things from other people’s imaginations came to life. I mean, how amazing would it be if Hogwarts was really a school? Or if mermaids like Ariel were really in the ocean?

Reddit users think about that as well, unsurprisingly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Ask Reddit thread on fictional things we wish were real, so much so that I had to share it with you guys. Warning: this might make you a little depressed because, reality. Here are 15 fictional things from movies and books that we wish were real: 

Which of these fictional things do you wish was real the most? Which do you disagree with? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Gemma333

    You dont know what a Krabby Patty is??? Very Shocking!

  • PieLover2808

    No problem! I noticed you changed it back to Krabby Patties…;)

  • PieLover2808

    Hahaha, number 1 says “Krappy Patties” instead of Krabby Patties
    (BTW I’m not trying to insult anyone, I just thought it was funny)

    • Jessica Booth

      Haha thanks for catching!

      • PieLover2808

        No problem! It looks like you’ve changed it back to Krabby Patties, though…;)