15 Fun Ways For Black Chicks To Wear Braids With A Little Help From Pinterest

When I was a kid I always wore my hair in braids. They were long extensions that fell past my shoulders and, while the process took a few hours, they were so low maintenance that it was hard not to love them. They even allowed me to swim without my hair turning into a ’70s flashback. I finally got tired of them by middle school and started straightening my hair exclusively. I did that until college, when I started to wear my hair naturally, curly and hot comb free. Yes, I willingly decided that I wanted my hair to become a ’70s flashback.

But after years of not having braids, I’m finally considering getting them again, at least for the summer. Honestly, I need to give my hair a rest. I’m horrible at wrapping it up at night so I experience way more breakage than I like. The braids will help give my hair the vacation it deserves. But first, I need some inspiration. If you wear your hair in braids or you’re considering it, check out these 15 styles courtesy of Pinterest that you can experiment with!

1) Two-tone braids

2) Elegant box braid updo

3) ’90s/Sailor Moon inspired braid buns

4) Braided updo, retro inspired

5) Cornrow accents

6) Asymmetrical Updo

7) The Katniss braid

8) Yarn braid loc knots

9) Auburn braids*

*Biased because this is the color I hope to rock

10) Cornrows with loose, curly ends

11) Minimalist cornrows

12) Elegant two-strand twist

13) Cornrow French roll with a front bun

14) Long, thick yarn braids

15) Super colorful braids


What kind of braids do you prefer? What’s the longest amount of time spent having your hair braided? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Jalen

    I always have some color in my hair. I get extensions braided in about every 2~3 months (if done cprrectly). I’ve had red, blue,purple,orange, brown, green, blonde, everything really.
    Next time you do your hair, try blonde sometimes its hard to find the right shade, but it really highlights your face to have a lighter color around it. 🙂

  • Clarissa Khogali

    I am getting Ombre braids on Saturday and am really excited to try #2 , they don’t hurt so much. Really want auburn next. Great that you give black girls a voice on girl too

  • Sam

    Omg, #2. AMAZING.

  • Nia

    As soon as I get the money I am getting my hair braided up! I’ll get back at least three hours of my day, almost 24 hours a week by not having to detangle and twist every night.

    And you’ve inspired me to try auburn braids, but two toned. I think I’m going have the top match my natural hair color and the bottom half will be auburn. Make sure you post pictures when your hair is finished!

    • I will definitely try to share my braiding experience! And definitely go for the auburn! I’m biased but I love that hair color!