7 Things You Should Know Before Making The First Move

In the wake of a month of viral promposals, we’ve been reintroduced to the notion that men making the first move is romantic, charming and the way things ought to be. Well, that’s cute and all, but sometimes girls want to make the first move to ask someone out. Yes, believe it or not, that’s a thing that you can and should do if you’re so inclined. Break out of what’s expected of your gender in a hetero relationship and get things going yourself!

Here are seven things you need to remember before you make the first move, ladies. Trust, you’ll be a lot more satisfied than you would be if you waited for something to happen yourself.

Have you ever asked a guy out? If not, would you? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Rei

    Sadly I have crush on a guy because well hes cute obviously and we are like twins personalliy wise but hes in love another girl for the past 4 years…and I will never make the first move because I dont wanna ruin our friendship. Ive made that mistake one too many time.

  • Emily

    I’m pretty shy when it comes to talking to my crush, but he seems to be even more shy than me! So I finally (like, after more than a year) got the courage to really start flirting with him- and he seems to like me but he never makes any REAL moves! Meanwhile, this girl who is really close friends with his family and him, and is in everything he’s in, is a SUPER flirt and he’s always with her. He doesn’t make any moves with her, either- but she’s all over him (figuratively and physically) and he seems to love it! I don’t know. I feel like if he did make the first move it would feel like he was actually CHOOSING me over her, and if I asked him out, I’d be making it too easy. It’s just… really hard to play hard to get with this guy… When I do it doesn’t matter because all the other girls are throwing themselves at him. :/

  • Jane

    I know how it feels to wait WAY too long for a guy to make the first move. When I was 12 i was pretty sure my crush liked me back, and since i was so shy (and i still am), i was waiting patiently for him to make the first move. the problem was that he was (and still is) just as shy as me.
    nothing happened in the end. i got over him because i realised tha nothing was ever going to happen. (plus i met a guy who i could actually talk to without there being to most awkward silence ever. he was basically my old crush but less shy. it’s actually scary how much they have in common)