7 Bra Myths That Will Change Your Boobs’ Lives

Bras are pretty much a necessary evil, right? They’re sort of the worst though because they can be really uncomfortable and annoying. I really don’t think there is a better feeling than taking your bra off when you get home. When I got fitted last year, I found out that I had been wearing a bra two sizes too small! Bras are so common and simple so you probably don’t think much of it, but your bra is really important. You need to be wearing the right one!

There are a lot of things about your bra that you probably don’t know. There are also a lot of myths floating around about bras. Some argue that you don’t even need a bra at all. That might be true for some people, but for us full-chested ladies, wearing a bra provides some much needed comfort. I wanted to take some time and debunk these bra myths for you:

Now watch Cheyenne give you these facts in the most hilarious way possible!

Did you believe any of these myths? Are there any other bra myths you can think of? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Alyssa

    I agree that you absolutely need to get fitted. I went to get new bras yesterday and none that were my usual size were fitting correctly. It was suggested that I get fitted, and when I did I was told that the bra I was wearing was two cup sizes too small. So get fitted. As awkward as it might be, it’s worth it to wear a bra that actually fits.

  • jaidyn

    Well last week I got my first bra it is little uncomfortable because my boobs are little

  • Marie

    From Victoria secret my bra size was 32DDD… I’m actually 28GG from brastop’s measurement!!!! I NEVER felt more CONFIDENT about my body and my HEALTH!
    Perfect bra for your perfect size makes it a big difference. Still, I wish I’m an A cup… I didn’t really want big boobs in the first place 🙁 And I wouldn’t have to spend so much money on bras I need in order to make these flippy fat tissue to stay in one place… 😛

    I remember trying to delay or prematurely stop the growth some how by wearing sports bras everyday and night when I’m sleeping… well that didn’t work didn’t it!? Lol

  • Cassandra

    I hear all the time that wearing a bra is really uncomfortable; if that’s the case, then you’re definitely wearing the wrong size or are doing something else wrong, cause I can barely feel mine when I wear them. The only exception are, obviously, strapless bras, as those are terrible but sometimes necessary evils.

  • Brie

    The entire point of a sports bra is to “smush your boobs”, thats how it prevents them from bouncing. My best sports bras take me from a DDD to about the size of a B-C cup. If you can’t afford a good sports bra, doubling up can help, or wearing a regular bra under a sports bra.