What Should You Do If You Like A Younger Guy But Think He’s Too Immature?

Age differences can be a pretty big deal.There’s a reason that things like age of consent exist and why statutory rape laws are in place.That said, it’s pretty common to date a grade or two above or below you. Laws are put in place to protect teens from being taken advantage of by grown adults, but dating someone who’s a year or two older than you in school isn’t really that worrisome.

A lot of people believe that girls mature faster than guys, so is it okay to date a younger guy? This week on the message boards, you’re talking about what to do if you like a younger guy but worry that he might be too immature.

Let’s see what y’all had to say:

Amberlights asked:
“I said to myself I’m only interested in older guys, but I’m falling for this guy who is 2 years younger as I’m 17 in school. I really like him and can’t stop thinking about him, but it’s super hard to talk to him. My brother suggested that he will introduce us. I’m worried he will be too immature. Should I continue liking him or let go before it’s too late?”

mandakim said:
“I think the best idea is to get to know him first. He might be really mature for his age.”

Sabbi696 said:
“Age doesn’t exactly equal maturity. I’ve dated older guys, like 5-8 years older than me, who were immature. I’ve dated a younger guy. This was a while ago, who was not bad. Now my boyfriend is 6 months younger than me, and he’s the most mature boyfriend I’ve ever had. I would just get to know him and see how he is, and it will make it easier to decide.”

becky12 said:
“Nope. No younger guys. They are ummmm just a bunch of idiots!!”

scuzz said:
“Yeah, nothing wrong with dating a younger guy. It actually makes me kind of mad that teen girls are obsessed with only dating older guys. Trust me, through all my years from my teens into my ’20s watching teen girls dating older guys has lead to nothing but trouble. My first boyfriend was 13 months younger than me, and we dated for over 3 and half years. My current and second boyfriend is 8 months older than me. I think the closer in age a couple is at any age, the better really. Age has nothing to do with maturity.”

I’ve only dated older guys (from one year to four), so I can’t really share any personal experience about dating a younger guy. However, Jess’ boyfriend is younger than her and they are literally the cutest couple ever and have a great relationship. Honestly, the older guys I’ve dated have proven to be way more immature than younger guys in my life.

My best best guy friend is younger than me, and he’s the most mature friend I have. (And, no, we’re not going to date. I don’t know what I would do if I lost that friendship.)

The most important thing to remember is that you have to make your own judgment calls. The myth that girls mature faster than guys isn’t science. It’s case-by-case. So this guy could be really mature! Or he could be really immature. You’ll only be able to tell if you take the time to get to know him. And if he is a little immature, so what? As long as he treats you like you deserve to be treated, that’s what really matters.

What do you think? Have you ever dated someone younger? Were they too immature for you? Tell us in the comments!

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  • snowdrops

    I am 14 and have a boyfriend who is many years older than me. Somehow I have never liked guys my age. I guess maturity is something that happens differently with different guys. What I know is that I love this guy and like Jules said a 24 or 25 yr old guy is far better than someone who is in his teens. I am in that situation now and I am very happy. I don’t care what everyone says or advises me to do. This to me feels right. Things may change, so does everything in life.

  • Jules

    I’ve dated older & younger. My longest relationship, so far, was with someone who was a grade younger than me. Guys don’t normally “mature” until they hit about 25. That’s when they really quit being so dumb! I have 4 older brothers & they have told me that my entire life!