15 Rad Summer Shoes For Gals With Big Feet

As someone who wears a size size 11 shoe, it is always tough to find cool shoes that come in my size. Hell, it’s hard to find shoes in general, let alone cute ones that will make me look carefree and feel amazing all summer long. Sure, we could compare it to finding diamond in a pile of coal, but sometimes you don’t want to try that hard to find some damn shoes.

But fear not, my fellow big footed ladies. Break out those shorts and slather your toe nails with polish because here are 15 shoes that will make your massive feet look dope all summer long. From sandals to flats to sneakers, we’ve got you covered.

Do you have a go to summer shoe? Would you rather rock sandals or sneakers? Tell us in the comments!

I Have Big Feet And It Really Sucks

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  • Alex

    If eel like this was a huge joke. these shoes are hideous. except for like one pair. and the sneakers.

  • The girl with the size 12 feet

    4,6,10,11,13. And I don’t even really care for the styles. It was a nice thought and gesture, though.

  • Brianna

    really sucks because im a size 13, only place in my budget i’ve found so far is Payless. LOL

    • Kimberly

      OMG.Me too, my feet size is 13 and I actually am 13 years old. I HATE having big feet tho:I